Natural Vitamins for Hair Loss

Natural Vitamins for Hair Loss. If a person discovers that his hair began to fall out intensely, he initially rushes in search of a new effective shampoo to prevent the developing process. Often, the cause of the loss must be sought in the lifestyle and diet, and for this you need to know which vitamins help prevent hair loss, strengthen them and accelerate growth.

Hair primarily responds to a lack of trace elements, nutrients, and vitamins in the human body. Such a process, as a rule, occurs in winter or autumn, when a person cannot fully compensate for the lack of nutrients that contribute to the presence of healthy hair.

In the early spring and winter, the human body lacks vitamins, and their inflow from fresh vegetables and fruits is limited. In this regard, with hair loss, attention should be paid to nutrition, which should be balanced and, no less important, varied. Diets have a very negative effect on hair health. Who needs thin girls with rare damaged and unattractive hair.

For healthy hair, you should eat six times a day in small portions. You can not deny yourself bread made from wholemeal flour, unrefined sunflower oil. After a light dinner, you can gnaw on the seeds, and after lunch, it is recommended to eat nuts.

During winter and early spring, fresh vegetables and fruits can be replaced with sprouted grains of oats, wheat, fresh dill, and parsley. On the windowsill, you can plant green onions, which include a large number of vitamins.  

What vitamins help with hair loss?

Vitamins belonging to group A are considered the most important for strengthening hair among all known fat-soluble vitamins. Their benefits are as follows: the hair becomes thicker, the amount of dandruff is gradually reduced to zero, the functioning of the sebaceous glands on the scalp is normalized, hair growth is accelerated, hair fragility is reduced, hair loss is less, the vital activity of the hair roots improves markedly. The main sources of group A vitamins are cream, butter, sour cream, fish oil, caviar, milk, and liver.

As for plant foods, there is not so much vitamin A in them, but they contain the substance carotene, which, under the influence of enzymes of the human body on it, can be converted into vitamin A. Such products include: red pepper, pumpkin, carrot, green spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage.

Vitamin B prevents hair loss

Vitamins belonging to group B prevent hair loss, especially among women, therefore, such vitamins are often called beauty vitamins, because they are responsible for the health of not only the hair but also the skin and nails. The main benefits are as follows: accelerating hair growth, preventing hair loss, beneficial effect in case of malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands or with seborrhea, activation of blood flow in the scalp, maintaining the health and beauty of hair. Group B vitamins are found in pork, broccoli, hazelnuts, bananas, bran, oranges and rice.

Biotin or, in other words, vitamin H makes the skin smooth and silky, nails are healthy, and hair becomes lush. A lack of vitamin H provokes the appearance of dandruff, a violation of the structure of nails and hair and the development of seborrhea. The main sources of vitamin H are liver, yolk, soy flour, unpolished rice, and milk.

Okoferol or Vitamin E support hair health helps transport oxygen in the bloodstream is responsible for nourishing hair and is used to treat seborrhea. Sources of okoferol are broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, parsley and lettuce, peas, eggs, rose hips, leafy greens, whole grains, and soybeans.

Vitamin F helps maintain healthy hair and skin, gives hair shine and prevents dandruff. It is used to treat brittleness and dullness of hair, as well as in case of hair loss. This vitamin is found in walnuts, seeds, almonds, avocados, flaxseed, soybeans, wheat.

Each person needs to clearly understand what vitamins are required to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. These vitamins must be included in the diet of any person, only then the process of maintaining healthy hair will never turn into an unsolvable problem.

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Natural Vitamins for Hair Loss

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