Negative effects of fast fashion

Negative effects of fast fashion. We all want to be beautiful and fashionable. And there are many ” secrets ” and habits we follow to stay in fashion. But there are some habits that harm our body and our health in general. tells you the 4 worst habits we have and that are bad for our health.

As difficult as these habits are to completely break down, it is best to reduce them and put your health above fashion and beauty.

1. Don’t walk with high heels

You’ve probably heard it again, walking on high heels is the worst thing for your feet. The reason is that the weight of the body drops forward, as you press the noses and so you put force backward and all this pressure affects the spine. Unfortunately, the effects of this pressure can be seen from time to time (cramps, pain in the legs and waist) but thankfully there are low heels – which are also very fashionable – for you to prefer.

2. Don’t hold a huge bag 

Yes, the bigger the bag, the more things fit. But because you usually hold these bags to the side, it puts pressure on the muscles so that they are not balanced (for example, one shoulder higher than the other).

But there are worse: The heavy bag can cause neck, shoulder, and spine pain.

The solution: leave the big bag for a few days a week and opt for a small, lightweight bag.

3. Do not do exhaustive diets and tricks for slimming

Dieting and reducing the amount of food to look slim as a model can cause a lot of negatives. Worse, it slows down your metabolism so you lose weight instead of slimming down.

4. “We Have a Life” 

Yes, that phrase is true and it is good to live every moment as if it were the last and have a good time. But that phrase can also lead to the wrong decisions, such as not eating properly or spending all our money on an expensive bag that we simply do not need because we like it. But it’s better to make decisions that make us happy without harming our health and wallet.

Negative effects of fast fashion

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