Night habits cause skin damage

Night habits cause skin damage. Every night before you go to bed, you clean your face, and maybe take a relaxing bath. However, these simple and easy habits many times, when not done correctly, can damage your skin.

And yet it’s true! So how can you avoid the bad effects of improper facial cleansing and extensive and hot bathing?

Face cleaning:

As you know, it is necessary to cleanse the face at night so that you can remove any traces of dirt, dirt, and makeup to keep the skin completely clean, which tends to rejuvenate and regenerate at night.

However, often this cleansing is not done properly and the result is that residual makeup or dirt remains on the skin, which clogs the pores, causing them to choke.

Simple cleaning with a makeup product is not enough, because even after that, traces of makeup remain. You can see this by making your face with a cotton soaked in cleansing lotion. You will see again that the cotton gets a slightly beige color, which indicates that there is still makeup. This is why you need to wash your face with soap.

Cleansing Soap:

The deep cleansing soap you use to wash your face in the morning has the ability to deeply hydrate your skin. However, at night you need an oil-based product to prepare your skin for its rejuvenation. So do not use the same cleanser morning and night, but choose one that is perfect for your skin at any time.

Grab your hair braid:

Be sure to grip your braided hair while you sleep, to prevent it from coming into contact with your face. This is very important because the contact of the hair with the skin results in the transfer of residues of styling products that will cause irritation and pimples.

It is advisable to choose to tie your hair with a silk scarf so as not to damage it with a rubber braid.

Mobile Bed:

It is well known that mobile is one of the most dirty everyday objects. Contact with the skin causes the bacteria to be transported, which then causes pimples on the face. Therefore, avoid talking on the phone after you have cleansed your skin to keep it clean. If you need to talk, prefer to do it with a Handsfree.

Relaxing shower before bed:

What better thing than a relaxing and warm shower before you lie down in your bed? It is a habit that helps to relax the body, relieve stress and generally prepare for a peaceful sleep. However, this too must be done with caution. Why; Because high temperatures, like very cold and especially for a long time, can cause skin imbalance and therefore dehydration.

So opt for a relatively quick 5-minute shower or lower the temperature of the water you use. However, if you insist on high water temperature, it is advisable to apply a good moisturizing cream to avoid dehydration.

Night habits cause skin damage

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