Normcore fashion

Normcore fashion: What was already widespread, now has a name. In the stream of trends, the new style of normcore as a wandering albatross: soars slowly, feeling that it has the largest wingspan…

The word normcore is formed from the merger of two words: normal (normal, normal) and core (base, core). It appeared in 2009, but the style became really popular in early 2014 after the article “Normcore: fashion for someone who understands that he is one of seven billion” became an article in New York Magazine.

The title of the article reflects the essence of the normcore: do not stand out, look “like everyone else,” usually normal. Tired representatives of indie formations try to overcome the alienation caused by belonging to any community. In theory, you should feel better and freer, freed from the cultural pressure of your friends. Some believe that the normcore even has a goal: to stop gathering in small groups and establish contact between all people on the planet.

Normcore fashion
Normcore fashion

You can look as you like and do anything, it is only important to be open to everything. Such clothes are unpretentious: convenience and simplicity should become your alpha and omega if you want to dress according to the norm. The best role models are Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Jobs, with his eternal black turtlenecks, New Balance sneakers, and Levi’s 501 jeans, has long voiced the motto of all the Normorkers: “It’s just the clothes that I wear. And that’s enough for the rest of my life. ”

Anthem of Conformism

To feel better, it is not necessary to belong to any subculture. Normcore offers freedom that does not depend on uniqueness. The ability to adapt to different situations helps to feel involved in everything that happens around.

Normcore fashionNormcore fashion
Normcore fashion

Normcore is what you wore as a child before you learned to distinguish identity through clothing. It allows you to feel the pleasure of not having to prove anything to anyone. The quintessence of European and American ways of thinking: dressing the way you feel comfortable.

Critics point out that such indifference to individuality can lead us very far. But most likely, this will not happen, because the fashion is very sensitive to trends. And designers will immediately rush to release new normcore collections.

How to dress for the normcore?

Choose simple basic things: T-shirts, hoodies, turtlenecks, windbreakers, classic jeans, mid-length or maxi skirts, sneakers, and sneakers.

Summer shoes – flat soles – sandals, slippers, soft slippers.

Normcore fashion
Normcore fashion

Look for mass-market clothes: in large supermarkets, at sales (Uniqlo, GAP, New Balance, Converse, The North Face). Do not disdain the one that is given for free: caps from Coca-cola stocks, corporate T-shirts, random sweatshirts taken from someone from home parties and camping trips. Everything is athletic, careless, street. with an eye on the 90s.

Normcore gave us yet another seditious thought: “But what if you stand out from the crowd you can not with clothing and appearance, but with original thoughts, creativity, and deeds?” So even if the new style is just a marketing joke, it looks good. At least, it allows you to think about what role clothing plays in our lives.

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