Ombre Lips makeup

Ombre Lips makeup is perfect for your natural beauty. The method visually enlarges the lips, and bright colors will not leave them unnoticed. Ombre – for the brave and creative.

Our love for Ombre started with hair (we once mentioned about it ). Ombre is a gradient, a smooth transition from darker to lighter.

Since 2013, this technique has been popular for coloring everything: clothes, hair, lips, nails. Ombre – a real must-have on the catwalks and star parties. But, contrary to the opinion of many, this is not an invention of modern makeup artists. Ombre, emphasizing the brightness and volume of the lips, was also used in their shows by travesty actors, or, as they are also called, drag queens. Professional makeup artists picked up and successfully adapted this idea.

But the most, perhaps, the pleasant thing is that lip makeup in the ombre style can be done independently. The secret is to pick up gradient tones in one color scheme.

Although an “explosive” multi-colored ombre is also possible. But it requires a careful approach to the selection of clothing, hairstyles, and even manicure. Orange, fuchsia, burgundy, gold, purple, black and their combinations – this is where the real scope for festive makeup fantasies. However, calm ombre options can also be considered as a daily make-up. We will consider one of the neutral images.

Try creating an ombre effect on your lips using our instructions.

You will need a concealer (or foundation), a contour pencil, two shades of lipstick (one tone is darker and lighter) and a brush.

Cover your lips with foundation
  • Step 1. The lips must be prepared. Use the “winter” methods: a honey exfoliant scrub, and then a moisturizer. Cover your lips with foundation or walk along the contour with concealer, blending it.

Outline the lips using a contour pencil
  • Step 2.  Outline the lips using a contour pencil. Depending on the desired result, the color may be a tone or two darker than the main color of the lipstick or contrast with it in color (for example, if the lipstick is fuchsia, then the pencil may even be orange).
pencil with a brush
  • Step 3.  From the corners of the lips about 1/3 to the center you need to paint over with the same pencil. Gently blend the pencil with a brush, without touching the middle of the lips. The gradient should be soft, without abrupt transitions.
Paint the middle of the lips
  • Step 4. Paint the middle of the lips with the main shade of lipstick, gently blend the border of the pencil and lipstick. Left just a little bit.
light shade of lipstick
  • Step 5. Finish your lip makeup by painting the middle with a light shade of lipstick. A little gloss can be applied over the bow of the upper lip to create a “wet” effect. The border of shading and lipstick also processes with a brush or fingers.

Such an experiment requires a perfect skin tone and neutral eye makeup. Otherwise, you risk looking vulgar.

Having mastered the simplest types of ombre, you can move on to complicated options. Makeup artists are advised to use what is at hand: eyeshadows and eyeliners of all kinds of shades. The ombre looks especially impressive from top to bottom, transverse, longitudinal – in several shades. Create, and your lips will speak for themselves.

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