Organize your own makeup party

Organize your own makeup party. Who better to talk about the perfect make-up than with your own friends? A good way to discover new trend products and makeup ideas is to have your own makeup party. The latest make-up products can be tried out in a relaxed atmosphere with a wide variety of snacks and delicious drinks.

There is a lot of celebrations in Europe. The range of possible parties that can be attended is huge and ranges from weddings to Tupper parties to the birthdays of friends and family. A party form that has conquered more and more households in recent years is the Beauty Party. Based on the principle of the Tupper Party, it takes place under the motto “Try it out, get to know and enjoy”. The classic beauty party can deal with very different topics and can provide current styling tips for the next party as well as trend ideas for the summer. Let’s see how to Organize your own makeup party.

One concept, many ideas

The beauty party is particularly popular with women of all ages. There are many ways to align and shape these. Such a beauty party can be used for the presentation of new products, but also offers itself as an exchange. If professional make-up tips are to be passed on to the participants, it is worth hiring a beauty expert for the occasion. There are many make-up artists who can be booked for such a task for a few hours. Brand-specific consultants from well-known cosmetics companies are also available for such parties.

With their offer, the consultants concentrate on the different products of a brand and show the visitors how they are used according to their type. If the products please, they can be bought directly from the consultants. Of course, every hostess is free to choose which beauty products she would like to advertise with her own party. The focus can not only be on make-up but also on perfume, for example.

What is the right location for the beauty party?

Before a beauty party is planned in all its details, the right location must, of course, be found. There are different approaches here, it is always important when the party is organized. Especially during the summer, the party does not always have to take place indoors, but can also be moved to your own garden, for example. A little decoration on the terrace creates the right mood. String lights are essential so that it stays cozy even at dusk.

The right location can also be conjured up quickly and cheaply with lanterns and candles. In winter, the beauty party should be moved to the house or apartment. Here the living room and kitchen are certainly the first choices for an exuberant celebration.

The right snacks and drinks for the beauty party

Once the location has been set, it is time to plan drinks and snacks, because these must not be missing at the next beauty party. The catering for the next party does not necessarily have to be particularly complex. Just a little finger food is enough. Even small nibbles are welcomed by many guests and match the relaxed mood.

Those who celebrate in the garden can of course also choose a delicious grill buffet, fresh fruit, and vegetables. On the other hand, if you want to start a casual evening with a cozy meal, crowd feeders are a very good choice. Crowdfeeders are characterized by the fact that they are easy to prepare and quick to prepare. The crowd feeders come in a wide variety of variations, from sweet to hearty. For a relaxed atmosphere, the sweet recipes, which are often prepared in less than 20 minutes, are a really good choice. A typical sweet crowd feeder is the Velvet Cheesecake Brownies. Not only are these extremely tasty, but they also look really good.

At the next beauty party, of course, one or two drinks should not be missing. Cool drinks can be produced in a few simple steps and in a short amount of time. How about a delicious Pina Colada, for example, which is a very good choice especially for the summer months. For the Pina Colada, rum, cream de coconut, and cream are mixed together. A little pineapple juice is added to the whole for a fruity note.

For a good cocktail, of course, ice cubes are also used, which ensures that the drinks are well chilled on hot days. In addition to a few alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails are a good alternative to offer guests something special.

Send invitations in time

A beauty party is of course only fun if there are enough guests present. That is why invitations should be sent well in advance. Verbal invitations are wonderfully straightforward, but they are often not so well received. There are various providers where you can design invitation cards in no time at all. The special thing is that these cards always arouse certain anticipation for the next party. They are also extremely popular memorabilia. The cost of such custom-made cards is not very high, especially since most online printers actually offer this service for short runs. Of course, you can also reveal what awaits the guests here.

Organize your own makeup party

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