Perfect beauty on the wedding day

Perfect beauty on the wedding day. It should be the most beautiful day of your life, a day that is not only recorded in your heart but also in numerous photos for eternity – of course, you want to look flawless. Even during the wedding celebrations. But how does the makeup last for hours? What should the bridesmaid have in her purse at all times? And why does unwashed hair help you look perfect? let’s see Perfect beauty on the wedding day.

Practice early

The wedding make-up is usually much more complex and also stronger than the average evening make-up. After all, you are in the spotlight on this day, and all eyes should be magically drawn. Especially if you want an extraordinary make-up for the big day, you should definitely try it out beforehand. Even if you don’t let a professional make-up artist do it for practice, but your best friend: You should get used to a sensational “Smokey Eye” so that you are not confused by the change on the wedding day.

The same also applies to the hairstyle: You should dare a little and deviate from your usual hairstyle – but not if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Better a simpler hairstyle than sticking the hairpins with your hands all evening.

Invest in professional makeup

The pictures of your wedding will have a place of honor in your home forever – and probably those of your parents and in-laws too. It is all the more important that your make-up is perfect – and here it is worth investing in professional make-up. Because a make-up artist not only knows exactly what suits you and how to apply it so that it really lasts the entire evening, but in most cases also offers a trial make-up, which takes place a few days before the actual wedding is made. So you can not only imagine what it will look like, but you can also perfectly match the other components such as hairstyles or fingernails.

Facials never on the wedding day

Of course, you want to have particularly radiant skin on your wedding day. Many brides, therefore, resort to professional facial treatments. But be careful. Because with some facial treatments there can be redness, swelling, and other inconveniences. Therefore, the last facial treatment, for example, a strong peeling, should be carried out about a week before the big day. Of course, this does not apply to calming or cleansing gentle treatments with which you mainly relax – because these can provide the final shine even on the morning of the wedding!

The secret of the perfect hairstyle – unwashed hair

Especially those who are struggling with fine or thin hair should think in advance about how the elaborate wedding hairstyle should really survive the whole day – and especially the whole evening – during the celebrations. With this foolproof tip, you can get your hair in the right condition – and even save time: do not wash your hair the last three days before the wedding. This makes them slightly greasy, and even if you normally want to prevent this at all costs, it can be very helpful for the wedding hairstyle. The light grease film makes the hair grippy and the hairstyle sits rock solid – even if you should dance the night away.

The emergency bag

During the wedding you rarely have a hairdresser or make-up artist on hand – it is all the more important to leave an emergency bag in the bridal room, in the bathroom or with the bridesmaid for any necessary touch-ups. This should contain some make-up basics such as lipstick, powder or eye shadow – are exactly the same tones that were used for the original make-up! In addition, it always makes sense to have a small pack of wet wipes and deodorant or perfume ready. After all, you will be in motion, dancing and laughing all day long – you can start to sweat.

Little blush – but waterproof mascara

A special tip that make-up artists give to brides time and again: avoid too much blush. It is your wedding day! You will be excited, you will be warm, you will shine with joy. And that will be seen on your face – and nothing beats the natural glow of an excited bride. With additional blush, you could quickly look “too red” in pictures – and who wants that? Another insider tip: waterproof mascara. Because such a wedding can literally move you to tears – and nobody wants to look like a tearful raccoon in the wedding pictures.

Stay away from eye-catching nail polish

Your hands will always attract attention during the wedding: when you sign your new name for the first time when you exchange the rings or cut the wedding cake together with the groom. It is all the more important to choose an unobtrusive and elegant color when choosing nail polish. Bright signal red or other strong colors have a distracting and pushy effect. For the most beautiful day of your life, you should, therefore, use subtle colors such as pale pink, ivory or the classic French nails.

Perfect beauty on the wedding day

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