Perfect foot care with the right pedicure set

Perfect foot care with the right pedicure set. A high-quality nail file is required for smoothing and shortening toenails. Working with a good file is also important for removing excess callus and dead skin particles in the nail bed. If you want to do the pedicure yourself, you should get a set with an electric nail file.

In contrast to manual foot care, you can work faster and more precisely with a modern electric nail file. In an electric nail file test, you will find out which sets or devices are suitable for this.

What do pedicure sets have to offer?

A good example of a modern and high-performance pedicure set are the products of the renowned manufacturer ProRelax. With the 52248 sets, the experts from the fields of health and personal care have a universal range for pedicures and manicures. The successor to the popular Maniquick MQ251 ensures quick and precise cutting of fingernails and toenails. The electrical device is also suitable for removing calluses and skin residues. The ProRelax pedicure set is supplied in a sturdy aluminum case for easy transport. The scope of delivery not only includes the electric nail file itself, but also lots of useful accessories. The 15-piece accessory set includes:

  • Adapter for attachment parts
  • Grinding wheels
  • Sapphire cutter
  • Felt cone
  • Needle milling machine
  • Instructions for use

Material and manufacturing quality

An electric nail file depends on high material and manufacturing quality. All attachments should be made of special surgical steel that makes cleaning and disinfection easier. This ensures hygienic operation and effectively prevents the multiplication of fungi and germs. A powerful motor is also an important element of an electric nail file. The powerful micromotor should be able to be operated flexibly in clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. Four-speed levels from 3,500 to 11,000 revolutions per minute are ideal for everyday use.

Flexible use of the pedicure set

A high-quality pedicure set should be flexible in use. It should be suitable for all hand and foot care operations without any problems. The electric nail file should always be quality and safety checked. In modern devices, an integrated safety system ensures reliable protection against injury.

Therefore, these devices are also suitable for diabetics. A long connection cable ensures freedom of movement. Devices with battery operation are also available as a set. The sets should offer different attachments for manicure and pedicure. Diamond burrs should also be included for processing stubborn callus formation. The attachments should be easy and quick to change. Modern and professional technology ensures smooth and precise operation. So you can get results at home just like in the nail salon.

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The professional devices should also be comfortable and secure in the hand. Infinitely variable regulation and quick switching between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation and vice versa guarantee comfortable operation. Since a high-quality pedicure set includes many different individual parts, a suitable cosmetic case should be included for storage and transport. With this equipment, you can practice a comfortable, fast, and professional hand and foot care.

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