Puffy lips without injections

Puffy lips without injections. Puffy lips are the personification of the sensuality of their owner. And the bigger the sponge, the sexier. To verify this, just look at Angelina Jolie, who has for many years been the title of the sexiest woman in the world.  

Lip augmentation can be done by folk methods, but they must be performed in combination and for a long time (at least a month). To achieve the effect, you have to work hard, but the result is worth it.

Let’s see how to get Puffy lips without injections

Puffy lips Exercises

Our lips are muscles, and if you exercise regularly, you can pump them up.

1. Whistle – whistle your favorite tune for five minutes to warm up your mouth muscles.

2. Show the tongue – extend the tongue to the full length for 5-10 seconds, repeat 10 times.

3. Pout – puff out your cheeks and begin to blow them out with an effort, as if you had a dandelion, your lips should be relaxed. Repeat five times.

4. Smile – fold the lips “fish”, and then smile. Do this 15 times.

5. Howl – try to growl for five minutes, stretching out the vowels singing “awww”, “woooo”, etc.

6. Draw circles – close your lips and move them clockwise and counterclockwise, as if drawing circles. Perform the exercise five times in each direction.

7. Bite your lips – do not painfully bite your lips for two minutes.

8. Retract the lips – retract the lips with force and hold in this position for about 20 seconds, repeat five times.

Puffy lips Massage

Puffy lips Massage
Puffy lips Massage

Different types of massage can be alternated – then it is easy to understand what you like.

Massage with a toothbrush. Wet a toothbrush with soft bristles and run it over the lips in different directions. Lips should go slightly darker. After the procedure, apply the balm, petroleum jelly, or peach oil on your lips with a brush.

Massage with a lip scrub. Take candied honey and massage your lips in a circular motion for several minutes. Alternative: mix olive oil and sugar, or cinnamon, olive oil, and honey.

Massage with ice cubes. Wipe your lips with an ice cube and then apply a hot towel. Alternate the procedure several times until you feel a tingling sensation. At the final stage, bite a little lip. This method is also an excellent express tool before an important meeting.

Puffy lips: Folk remedies

Our grandmothers knew a lot about methods of increasing their own attractiveness via Puffy lips. If the cosmetics industry hasn’t made you lazy yet, try some proven recipes:

Hot red pepper. Grind the pod of hot pepper along with the seeds and pour a cup of hot water. In a warm infusion, moisten a napkin and apply it to your lips for half a minute or a minute. The lips will swell right away, but this remedy bakes mercilessly.

Black pepper. Mix black pepper with petroleum jelly and apply on the lips for a few minutes (but no more than three so as not to get a burn). Remove the composition with a napkin and soften the lips with hygienic lipstick.

Ginger. Make ginger pulp from fresh ginger and apply on lips. Squeeze and unclench your lips, as if massaging them. Remove residues with a napkin, apply the emollient balm. Ginger is also good for giving the breath a subtle lemon flavor.

Peppermint. Chop fresh mint so finely that the juice comes out. Put gruel on a napkin and apply to lips for five minutes, rinse with water.

Lemon. Massage the sponge with a lemon peel until tingling sensation, then apply the balm.

Your lips will certainly become tender and puffy, just do not forget to look after them and from time to time resort to grandmother’s tricks.

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