Relaxed look at the moment

Relaxed look at the moment. Swelling, black circles, redness. The consequences of lack of sleep on our faces are well known to everyone. We know that we must sleep quality and adequately. We also know how important it is to our health, psychology, and appearance. But no matter how much we want to be zen, good sleep is not always possible.

During the day, our eyes remain momentarily closed for only 10% of our waking hours. Add in the tiredness of everyday life, the inadequate or inappropriate grooming, and the blue light emitted by electronic devices, and you’ll see why our face looks dull and tired and inadequate.

Our beauty strategy focuses on getting a beautiful, restful and radiant look, without necessarily having to sleep properly. We bet on the right treatment and the most effective moves that make up experts apply to models just before the catwalk.

The grooming

After breakfast cleansing, and before moisturizing the face, we apply a specialized cream or gel rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which strengthens the area’s skin barrier, stimulates microcirculation and acts against edema. and wrinkles.

How to apply for Relaxed look at the moment:

– Apply a small number of tampons around the eye nails, and on the eyelids.

– Using the auxiliary, we make drum movements from the inside out until the composition is largely absorbed.

Massage technique for swelling and wrinkles

If you have a few minutes to make special massage movements that will revitalize and brighten the look:

  1. With the thumb and forefinger, gently pinch the eyebrows.
  2. With the pointer and middle finger, we form a V. We place them under the eyes, with the pointer slightly pressing the inner corner of the eye and the middle outer. This eliminates the trapped toxins and liquids around the eye area that cause the “bags”.
  3. We place one hand over the head and with the tips of the markers resting on each other, we stretch the skin to the goose’s foot. We repeat the same thing on the other side.

Eye Patches

Applying moisturizing and moisturizing eye patches 15 ′ before makeup will give the look the coveted glow and rejuvenation boost, even if we have not completed the necessary hours of sleep.

Alternatively, apply an eye serum to reduce swelling and the appearance of dark circles.

Eye drops

When we are blind our eyes are dry, we look blurry and generally feel discomfort, so we rub or grimace. Drops that moisturize and lubricate the eyes prove to be life-saving, especially for wearable contact lenses. And moreover, they make the white of the eyes appear whiter.

Tip: To eliminate redness, put a pencil on the bottom of the eyelashes.

The elimination of black circles

We all knew that the best way to camouflage black circles is to correct the color of the area. So we used a color concealer to neutralize the shadows. However, most famous make-up artists now prefer super light coverage under the eyes using light reflectors. However, in cases of very intense black circles, they recommend a console in yellow or orange, if the circles have blue tones.

What to look out for:

The perfect product for the eye area is a light creamy concealer that has a shiny and slightly powdery finish – analogous to that of a shine cream. We want it to be creamy enough to slip over fine lines and spread easily without rubbing. But at the same time, it must last. If it is too dry or thick it will penetrate the fine lines and the goose’s foot and emphasize them instead of erasing them.

Blend, blend, blend

Many experts use the fingers to “warm” the product and then tamp it down to the sensitive area under the eyes. They then re-work the effect with a light brush or a mini Beautyblender to create a flawless, uniform and luminous visual effect. If you remain a concealer on the skin folds, blend it again with a wet sponge.

Flash powder

After doing the above procedure we pass a light flash powder with a large brush. It will stabilize the effect by preventing the concealer from spoiling and also make the area brighter thanks to the reflectors (light-reflecting particles).

Relaxed look at the moment

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