Rich eyelashes and dense eyebrows in five steps

Rich eyelashes and dense eyebrows in five steps. Are they weak, broken and slow to develop? The following tips will help our eyelashes and eyebrows become richer, thicker and stronger in a few weeks.

Every day our skin and hair are affected by external environmental attacks. Why make our lashes and eyebrows an exception? Think of them as suffering from make-up and make-up, oxidative stress, and even blue light, that is, the light emitted by digital devices such as the computer screen, smartphone, and tablet.


No matter how detailed they are, they can change our expression. If they are healthy, the eyes look brighter and bigger, and they look more expressive. And the opposite. Worried eyelashes help to show the tired, inadequate look. So base them on maintaining their health in order to make them denser, stronger and longer.

# 1 Make a thorough and proper make-up

Every night, remove the mascara, ideally with a specialized eye makeup remover or micellar water. Pour the product into two make-up trays and rest on the eyelids for a few seconds. The process will soften the mascara composition and remove it more easily, without rubbing.

# 2 Avoid rubbing

We are referring not only to the make-up process but also to the intense scrubbing during the day. Unintentionally, and even when your hands are not clean, you carry germs and pollutants in your eyes, which in turn cause infection. In addition, violent rubbing can damage the lashes.

# 3 Pay attention to the lashes scissors

Use it before applying the mascara and not afterward, as it may break lashes. Also, do not force it close for too long. Five seconds on each eye is enough to get the desired curve. Finally, keep in mind that it also needs to be disinfected, just like any makeup tool.

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# 4 Take a break from makeup

Many mascara compositions may be sophisticated and contain essential ingredients, but it is important for their health to leave them ‘naked’, with no products to breathe.

# 5 Bet on grooming

“I use a strengthening product on my eyebrows and eyelashes daily. This is a composition that is stimulating their growth, ”said the once Posh Spice and now fashion and beauty guru Victoria Beckham. The star revealed that she takes care of her eyebrows and eyelashes following the advice of renowned beautician and expert Anastasia Soare.

So, following the example of the 45-year-old star, after a meticulous make-up every night, apply a composition rich in active antioxidants and herbal antioxidants, such as olive oil, castor oil, amoeba extract, and prolonged life improve their growth rate.


It is the frame of our face. The right shape and thickness will harmonize our features, lift our look and make us look younger. This year the trend wants eyebrows as natural and thoroughly as possible. If yours is already dense, just apply a special eyebrow gel that will keep your hair upward or just comb them up. If you have sparse eyebrows, before applying the special gel, fill the gaps with a pencil or shade in their natural color.

# 1 Get a good eyebrow tweezer and keep it clean

Invest in a good eyebrow tweezer to easily remove even the smallest of hair, without damaging the skin in the area. After each use, disinfect the tool to remove any bacteria.

# 2 Not to the exaggerations

In recent years fashion has been wanting eyebrows dense. So be very careful in their formation. Ideally, visit a specialist to give you the proper shape and thickness for your face structure.

# 3 Paint them

Special eyebrow gels will give the desired shade to your eyebrows and give volume to even the thinnest of hair, making them appear denser and well-shaped. Choose the shades of the eyebrows in proportion to the color of the skin and hair.

# 4 Treat yourself

If your eyebrows are too thin, apply a well-toned composition every night that will hydrate and improve their growth rate and health. So before you sleep, spread a little olive oil or a special product on your eyebrows with a cotton swab and allow it to act overnight.

Appropriate care composition should:

* It is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.
* Contains active herbal ingredients, amino acids, and vitamins.
* Protects against premature aging.
* Moisturize the lashes.
* Suitable for contact lenses.
* It is hypoallergenic.
* Do not irritate eyes.
* Also suitable for eyebrows.

Rich eyelashes and dense eyebrows in five steps

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