Right posture to look thinner in photos

Right posture to look thinner in photos. If you like photos but avoid them because you don’t know what to do to hide your body defects, it’s time to get your blood back. Choose the right posture for your body by following these simple tips and taking great, flattering photos as a professional model.

9 tips for the right posture to look thinner in photos

1. First of all, do not pose directly into the lens with your body in a straight position, but prefer to focus on 3/4. This will make you look thinner right away.

2. Make sure you are at some distance from the lens, because the closer you are to it, the fuller you look.

3. Prefer your photographer or camera to be a little taller than you, and not lower so he or she can take you from above. This is because if they pull you down they are more likely to look fuller than you really are.

4. Avoid shooting in bright sun and prefer an afternoon where the light is softer.

5. Choose your clothes carefully. Wear something that flatters you and makes you look more beautiful, avoiding clothes with bulk and corners. Best of all, choose a monochrome set that follows the lines of your body. And don’t forget that dark colors are slimming.

6. If you are wearing something that you think does not flatter you and make you feel very comfortable, hold the bag in front of you, covering the part of the body that you believe is causing the problem.

7. The hairstyle you choose is very important. If you want your neck to look longer, choose a tall, ponytail top. Also, make a bun without any special volume, depending on your outfit.

8. Pay attention to the position of your head and the position of your chin. They are two elements that, if placed incorrectly, can completely destroy a photo. So choose to keep your head straight so you don’t have to fear the creation of the so-called “double-sided”. Also, a trick that most Hollywood celebrities do, put your tongue on the top of your mouth when you’re laughing.

9. Finally, don’t be confused about what to do with your hands. Follow the tips of the models and let one hand relax while placing the other at waist height. This is a very flattering attitude for the body and the periphery.

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