Rope exercises for a perfect body

Rope exercises for a perfect body. We’ve all played small with the rope, on our own or with our girlfriends, but few women know that this kid’s game can lead to the creation of a perfect, well-carved body. The reason this happens is because this exercise has the ability to train all the muscle groups together while burning fat and lots of calories.

So if you want to get a body that kills, with a slim, healthy silhouette, then you need to dedicate your time to a little rope, which is one of the top cardio exercises this season. Follow a proper exercise program with simple rope exercises and see immediate results on your body.

5 The 5 Reasons to Make It a Great Exercise for Weight Loss, but also for a Great Sculpted Body:

1. A wonderful exercise that will workout for all muscle groups

With a skipping rope, you work out both the hands and the feet that are in constant motion. Of course, this does not mean that only these muscle groups are working out, as you will see that your belly is also active. Therefore, the rope is a great exercise that exercises all the muscles, with no exceptions, helps burn more calories and eliminate unnecessary fat.

2. An exercise with many variations

This exercise may work the whole body, however, if you want to focus on a specific muscle group, you can do the classic jump with some variation. If, for example, you want to focus on training your thighs or buttocks, take deeper seats, or if you want to train your abs, make small torso rotations.

3. Cardio exercise with the fastest and most obvious results

With just 5 minutes of rope, you can replace more than 1.5 kilometers of running, and it is worth noting that it is an exercise that can be done even at home.

4. Increases concentration

In order to do the rope correctly and effectively, you need to be perfectly focused on the movements and timing of them, which also helps you see if your reflexes are good.

5. Increases combustion due to increased pulses it causes

The rope beyond an effective and fast cardio workout in itself can be combined with any other exercise program, as it has the ability to keep your pulses high, which leads to double burns in your body.

The exercise to follow:

1. Take your jump rope first and jiggle it with one leg for 60 seconds.
2. Then make large jumps with the knees reaching the belly button for 30 seconds.
3. Then, for 5 minutes, make synchronized jumps with both feet at the same time.
4. Finally, complete your workout by jumping for 60 seconds with one foot.

► Also, check out some exercise programs with a jump in the following videos:

Rope exercises for a perfect body

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