Secrets to getting tall legs

Secrets to getting tall legs. Long and thin legs are the dream of many women, but few are the ones that nature has generously given them. But you do not need to be upset if you do not belong to this category. With some clever tricks, you can make your feet look thinner and farther.

All you need to do is create the illusion that you have tall legs. This will cause you to hate men.

So choosing the right shoes and clothes can make your feet look beautiful, long and slim, without much effort. All you need to do is find out which of the following little secrets fits and has the desired effect on your body type.

► So what to watch out for?

Very high heels

It is known that high heels have the ability to lengthen the legs, making them look thinner and taller. However, you should avoid heels with pointed tips. And of course, choose shoes that are comfortable for you walking and are practical for the occasion you want to wear.

Combine your shoes with the color of your skin or pants

If you are wearing shorts or a skirt, match your shoes to the color of your skin. This way you create a more unified effect that will make your legs look farther away. The same is true if you wear a shoe that is exactly the same color as your pants or leggings.

High socks

Socks that reach above the knee can make the foot look much weaker. Ideal for this result is black opaque socks, paired with a mini dress, skirt or even shorts.

Leggings with heels

As we mentioned heels can make the legs look taller, so with black socks over the knee. So based on these two secrets you can tell that dark heeled leggings can have just as impressive an effect on how your legs look.


The choice of monochrome combinations can create the illusion of a more unified silhouette, which will look even longer.

High-heeled shorts or trousers

Trousers, as well as shorts that have a high crotch, can make your legs look taller if worn with heels, as they tend to lengthen your silhouette even further.

Vertical stripes – Pies

Vertical stripes or pleats also have the ability to lengthen your silhouette and make your legs look farther and thinner.

Skinny Jeans

Specifically skinny jeans, which were created mainly for tiny women, tend to add some extra points to your feet.

Knee-high skirts or dresses

Wearing skirts or dresses that leave your skin looking can visually lengthen your legs. The same is true of asymmetrically cut dresses or skirts.

So with these little stylistic secrets, you will get tall legs and shapely legs that will make you irresistible.

Secrets to getting tall legs

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