Simple designs for perfect nails

Simple designs for perfect nails. In order to create a nice manicure that will refresh your mood, you do not need to consult a specialist. There are countless simple nail designs that you can do on your own easily and quickly without leaving home.

These are nail art created with great effort and are very impressive. You just need to know a few simple secrets to each technique and be imaginative. These two weapons can help you create your own easy nail design in simple steps.

Here are some photos with ideas for perfect nail painting at home with easy nail art designs. Let’s see Simple designs for perfect nails.

Simple monochrome designs for nails

The wide range of manicure colors gives you the opportunity to make countless beautiful manicures with a glossy or matte texture. So whether you choose a simple monochrome nail design or combine more tones, the effect is breathtaking.

In recent years, however, lightweight manicure designs graded and painted each nail with another shade of the same color have become a must nail art.

Of course, simple monochrome nails can also be adorned with a distinctive design on one of your fingers, which you can easily make with a dot tool or brush. Alternatively, you can add shine to your monochrome manicure by painting a nail with glitter or adding rhinestones.

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Easy linear nail designs

The lined nails are a timeless and popular design for easy manicures. They are created simply and quickly with the help of a brush.

This is an elegant choice that goes unnoticed! All you need is to put your imagination to work and have a slightly steady hand. Beyond that, play with the lines and make parallel, vertical or intersecting lines that will lead to a magical nail art design without much experience.

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Set designs for striking nails at home

Another of the easy and quick designs for simple nails is polka dots. Also known as polka dot nail art, the manicure polka dot is created using a special dot tool. If you don’t have it, you can easily make your own using a toothpick, needle, tweezer or a pencil tip.

Just nail art with a toothpick

If you like nail designs but think you do not have the right manicure equipment to create them, you should probably reconsider it!

So look in the kitchen cabinet and get a simple toothpick. This simple wooden toothbrush can also be used in manicures, helping you make nail designs fast and easy.

Classic French toenails and simple colored variants

We all know and love the French nail design. It’s elegant and perfect for any occasion, from formal looks like a wedding to a simple chic design for everyday nails.

But equally beautiful are its variations in color or different lines. See more ideas and variants for impressive French nails.

Inverted French in a simple way

An equally easy and modern variant of French manicure is the half-moon, that is, its upside. It is a design that has a crescent moon at its base instead of the nail line.

Easily decorated nails with glitter

Gold glitter can be the perfect ally for fine nails. Whether it’s a monochrome nail art with a single glitter-colored nail or a small gold-dust pattern, the result is glittering and glamorous.

So dare give shine to simple nails using a glitter nail. And if you want more inspiration than 60 impressive gold dust manicures.

Simple nail designs with rhinestones, pearls and other decorations

Also easy and shiny are the designs on nails with rhinestones, pearls or other metallic ornaments. All you need is to have these manicure accessories and choose a manic color as the base.

So dye your nails in whatever color you like, you can adorn them with diamonds, pearls, and metallic geometric shapes, completely transforming them.

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Umbrella nails in a simple way

Another of the striking nail designs that can be created in simple steps at home is ombre nails.

This beautiful nail art with color gradation has a simple creation technique for which you will simply need the colors you like and a sponge.

Ornate nail art with effortless stickers

Probably the easiest choice for fine and elaborate nails are the stickers. Decorate the manicure with one move and make it impressive without any hassle.

Nail stickers can be found in the shops, in a variety of designs and colors. Try them out and you’ll be thrilled with their ease.

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