Skin Care when you are about 30..?

Skin Care when you are about 30..? why does a high-quality cream sometimes roll up and when should skin rejuvenation procedures be started?

It’s not enough for a modern woman to simply wash her face with water

Most of 30 years old ladies come with skin change problems that occur with age. Most often, the skin becomes drier. Its tone and elasticity are reduced. She looks less fresh and supple. The first complaints of wrinkles begin, which usually appear on the forehead and nasolabial folds.

Makeup Beautician recommends washing in the morning and evening. Moreover, not just with water, but with special cosmetics. It can be milk or foam. Then you should tone the skin, i.e. wipe it with tonic. Then apply the cream. In the morning, you need to use a day cream and a special tool for the area around the eyes. The evening care is the same. The only cream you need to use at night. And again, do not forget about the cream for the area around the eyes.

According to the expert, in the morning you need to smear your face with cream at least half an hour before exiting. In the evening, its application should occur 1-1.5 hours before bedtime.

The cosmetologist explains that if you managed to get home only very late, it is better to wash, but do not apply the cream at all for your skin.

It is impossible because the product does not have time to absorb. After all, the skin just as well rests at night, like our entire body. She does not work actively, and the cream simply remains on her.

Often after such situations, girls wake up in the morning and complain of swelling. The specialist is sure that often it’s not a cream, but its improper use.

The cosmetologist does not recommend applying the cream too thick. Moreover, this rule applies even with dry skin. It will be correct to take a little cream, distribute it on the face evenly and rub it into the skin along the massage lines. If there are cream residues, it is necessary to wet your face with a napkin. A lot, in this case, does not mean better. 

For Skin Care, It is not recommended to use regular cream for the skin around the eyes

You need to be especially careful with the skin around the eyes. It works more actively than in other parts of the body, on average by 30-60%. The skin around the eyes is thinner and better absorbs the cream.

The specialist explains that there is no age at which to start using the cream around the eyes. However, starting from the age of 30, noticeable skin aging processes occur. That is why at this time she needs especially careful and proper care.

You can not use regular face cream and for the skin around the eyes. A cosmetic product for this sensitive area should have a lighter and more delicate texture. More active substances are added to it to tighten thin skin. There are also anti-edema components.

Eye cream should be applied to wash, toned and only to cleaned skin. It is not recommended to use it during the day, applying on top of cosmetics.

I advise clients to use cosmetics for one company. It complements each other and is precisely combined among themselves. Unfortunately, girls often come to me and say that a good cream rolls down. This happens precisely because of the incompatibility of the components of cosmetics. When, say, a lotion of one company, a cream is another, and a remedy for use around the eyes is a third.

Although a lot depends on cosmetics. Catherine says that it is better to use products that are matched to the type of skin and are sold at the pharmacy or by professionals. 

How to understand that cosmetics are chosen incorrectly for skin?

If after using it there is no feeling of comfort, irritation or pinching is observed, it is not worth using cosmetics. Sometimes it happens that cosmetics are chosen correctly by skin type, but do not fit a specific person. The only experiment will help here.

However, do not get involved in this procedure. Catherine also does not recommend changing cosmetics frequently.

Only sometimes it is worth applying what enhances the action. For example, serum or face mask, use professional care. In general, in a pharmacy, you can also choose a cream or other means in the case of problematic skin. If the skin is problematic, it is better to consult a cosmetologist first.

It is also important to consider that skin types can change with age. In youth, it is often mixed or oily, then it becomes normal or dry. This is due to hormonal changes that occur in the human body. The number of stressful situations and climate conditions also affect.

Conditioners and central heating can change the condition of the skin. The skin, in this case, becomes dry and dehydrated.

In spring and summer, girls traditionally use light creams, in autumn and winter – protective ones. This rule should not be neglected. Care should depend on the season, that’s right. It happens that people have normal skin, but problems begin due to improper care. Including skin on the neck, as well as in the neckline.

The neck and decollete area do not need an oily skin cream

The cosmetologist explains, ideally, if a cream specially designed for this area is used for the neck and decollete. If girls prefer the same cream for the neck and decollete as for the face, you need to be careful.

It is not recommended that it be for oily skin. The thing is that the skin of the neck is always drier. That is why the cream is suitable for dry and normal skin or for sensitive. It is strongly not recommended to smear the neck and décolleté area with creams or body balms.

Neck skin must not be forgotten. She needs care, as does her face care. Sometimes her aging occurs earlier and much faster than on the face. In addition, according to the cosmetologist, even today it is difficult to deal with problems that arise with the skin of the neck. Often these are wrinkles that young women really want to get rid of.

When is it not early to try anti-aging facial treatments?

It all depends on the person. First of all, one must not forget about the quality care procedures. Only then contact specialists who will prescribe cosmetic procedures if necessary.

It is advisable to visit a specialist with an inveterate frequency, depending on age and capabilities. By 30, you can already try injection or hardware procedures, but on the recommendation of a professional. It’s better not to do it at will. Programs depend on the age and condition of the skin.

Catherine is sure that even at the age of 30 it’s not too early to try rejuvenation procedures. The pace of life and climate do not always favorably affect the skin. An important role is played by genetics and lifestyle. But there is a base that should not be neglected.

Recommendations from the beautician for skincare

For example, despite being tired, you cannot come home late in the evening and go to bed with makeup on your face. The skin must be cleaned. Otherwise, it becomes clogged, loses moisture and tone.

Girls as a whole have become much more educated in matters of beauty, but there are still seldom there are those who at the age of 30 do not wash off cosmetics after a disco. At this age, it is especially harmful to the skin.

It is also not recommended to go out with a “naked” face. The cream serves not only as care but also as a protection against wind, frost, and rain.

If in summer and spring many use it, in winter – no. It is in February that the sun becomes brighter and skin needs protection. Factor SPF15 is not enough. If there is a tendency for pigmentation, then the SPF should be even higher than 30.

It is not recommended to replace the best moisturizer with tonal. The latter is a purely cosmetic “ingredient” in makeup, while moisturizing is basic care.

Skin Care when you are about 30..?

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