Some beauty products not designed for the face

Some beauty products not designed for the face. Whatever beauty tips we read, we often make the mistake of putting on products that are for other areas of our body or even because we believe they will work well for our skin…

We must not forget that a product is designed for a specific use and that we must follow it. The fact that some products work well in certain areas of our body in accordance with given beauty tips does not mean that they will do the same for our face. Many times we can have disastrous results while trying to do the opposite.

1. Hair Lacquer

You may have read or heard somewhere that it can hold your makeup, but you should NEVER use it on your face. The hair spray containing alcohol that will dry your skin and will look dehydrated and could irritate your face with chemicals it contains.

2. Deodorant

You may have seen beauty tips from Hollywood stars on how to use it on their face to avoid sweating and maintain their makeup. Big mistake. By applying a deodorant we close the pores of our skin and our skin stops breathing something we do not want. If you want to keep your makeup up while you know how to sweat you can use a more durable or waterproof makeup.

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3. Hair dyeing

 If you change your hair color a lot and want your eyebrows to be the same color, try a special eyebrow dye or even better an eyebrow mascara or even a pencil. Hair dyeing can cause allergies to your skin and eyes even if it is herbal.

4. Shampoo

The substances that cleanse your hair and remove grease are not the same as those that you need to cleanse your skin. Cleansing your face with shampoo will end up being very dry.

5. Body cream

It would be great to have lotion on everything and get rid of it with our hydration but we should never apply it on our face. They are very heavy in composition and usually contain fragrances that can irritate our skin. In our face, we should use light cream according to our needs and age.

6. Nail polish

Curious? and yet you can use nail polish to make a weird Halloween makeup. ERROR … The nail polish belongs exclusively to our nails. There are thousands of products in the market for weird make-up that you can use instead of the nail polish that will ruin your facial skin where it touches.

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7. Vinegar

Many beauty tips present vinegar as a skin tonic. Another big mistake. Over time, Vinegar can become very powerful by losing its water and can really burn your skin. There are thousands of lotions for skin toning in stores and at different prices for each pocket. Do not experiment.

8. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is an ingredient in many homemade hair masks because it really moisturizes your hair. But it is a very bad idea to apply it on your face as it is very acidic and clogs the pores of the skin.

Some beauty products not designed for the face

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