Stretch marks removal

Stretch marks removal. During pregnancy, stretch marks are formed in most women due to the extreme stretching of the skin.

The pink-red stripes usually appear on the abdomen and on the chest and buttocks.

What really helps against stretch marks?

Since the appearance of the stretch marks can also be genetic, among other things, creams and oils do not help one hundred percent. Only the upper layer of skin is treated and creamed, but the lower layer of skin is also stretched.

The plucking massage can also be used to prevent streaks at the beginning of pregnancy. The skin is kept elastic by pulling up small areas of skin, rolling it between the fingers and then releasing it. Towards the end of pregnancy, this massage should not be practiced in order not to trigger premature labor.

At the moment the skin needs a lot of care and moisture. An extensive warm bath would only be sensible and beneficial for the skin if you add a strongly moisturizing bath additive to the bathwater.

Instead of a full bath, alternating showers are better. They stimulate circulation and promote blood circulation. Gymnastics and swimming are little magic weapons for the elasticity of the skin and body.

Prevent and treat effectively

It is important for all measures that it is best to start routinely at the beginning of pregnancy and to keep them consistently.

Another preventative measure to ensure that the connective tissue is well supplied with moisture and the appropriate vitamins is a healthy diet and daily care to counteract a disproportionate weight gain.

Fine cracks in the subcutaneous tissue let the connective tissue relax quickly and, with slight to severe reddening, unintentionally attract attention.

In addition to creams and oils, a beneficial home remedy for stretch marks is beneficial compresses. Pour boiling water over a handful of lady’s mantle herb and let it steep for 15 minutes, then soak cotton towels in the cooled brew. Placing this compress on the weak connective tissue for 10 minutes can work wonders.

Another tip against stretch marks is a mixture of fresh protein with olive oil. Apply to the affected areas and rub in lightly. After a short exposure time, the sticky mass can be washed off again or rinsed off in the shower.

In general, one can say that exercise, lots of exercise in connection with targeted care strengthens and tightens the skin in any case and helps to minimize stretch marks.

A gentle peeling helps to regenerate the skin. It refreshes the skin by repelling old skin cells and making the skin look fresh and rosy again.

A brush massage with a not too hard brush also has a comparable effect. Then apply a cream or oil to the skin.

If the baby is there and the stretch marks do not recede as quickly as desired, laser treatment is recommended.

Stretch marks removal

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