Sunscreen: The mistakes you should avoid when applying it.

Sunscreen: The mistakes you should avoid when applying it. We may all know the importance of using sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful sunlight, but we do not all apply our sunscreen properly

So let’s see what are the most common mistakes we make when applying sunscreen.

We keep last year’s sunscreen

The sunscreen leftover from last summer has been exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, resulting in its composition being deteriorated and not having the same activity. So we throw it away.

We don’t apply enough

We should not be spiteful about the amount of sunscreen we apply. We should apply 2 tablespoons to the body and 1 teaspoon to the face (2 mg per square centimeter of skin).

We put sunscreen on our way to the beach

Or after we have laid down our towel and started reading our book. The sunscreen should be applied half an hour before our sun exposure so that it has time to absorb and act.

We apply sunscreen coated

In an effort to not get our clothes dirty we end up not spreading the sunscreen well. So it’s best to apply it before wearing our swimsuits and clothes.

We are not everywhere

The interior of the arms, buttocks, toes and elbows and elbows are some of the places we usually neglect when applying our sunscreen. Even our lips and hair need sunscreen, which is why corresponding products are commercially available.

We think we don’t need it because we sit in the shade

The shade of an umbrella or a tree may be enough to avoid a serious burn, but it certainly does not protect us from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

We only apply once a day

Especially when we dive in the sea of sweat, it is necessary to renew the sunscreen, as otherwise, we do not ensure our protection. Even if the sunscreen is waterproof, we must renew it after each dip. If we just sit on the beach, it needs refreshing every 4 hours, and if we sweat, every 2 hours.

We choose the wrong sunscreen

The protection indicator and the scent should not be our only criteria for choosing sunscreen. It is important to check for what type of skin it does, to choose the one that suits ours.

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Sunscreen: The mistakes you should avoid when applying it.

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