The 5 Best Lipstick Colors in Summer

The 5 Best Lipstick Colors in Summer. The blond hair is the most glamorous and striking color, which attracts most glances. On the other hand, this striking color demands attention, as in most cases it requires the right makeup to appear and flatter.

Luckily summer is the time to break free of intense makeup and just enough lipstick to show off our blond hair. So, if you’re a blonde, discover the 5 lipstick colors that best suit your blondes in the summer.

The 5 lipstick colors that fit perfectly into summer blondes

1. Red on the lips

Red on the lips

The red lipstick really suits all women! The blondes give the color a look that may be missing when the shade of the hair is light enough. However, since red is a bright, attention-grabbing color, you need to make sure the paint is correct. So carefully shape the contours of your lips with a pencil of the same or very close color to that of the lipstick. Also, avoid pencil lips out of your natural outline because the difference will be obvious. You don’t care if your lips aren’t fleshy, the red color fits everything.

2. Nude lip color

Nude lip color

The nude color is especially popular as it is a must for morning appearances. Fortunately for you blonde, you fit and hands-off for your daily walks. Especially if you are tanned the nude lipstick will suit you very much. If it is breakfast makeup just put on your nude lipstick, a little blush and you’re ready. If you want to put on nude lipstick at night you can opt for a smokey eye look to give volume.

3. Fuchsia color on the lips

Fuchsia color on the lips

Fuchsia is the color that fits all blondes, regardless of the shade of the blond. This is because it gives the blondes the intensity they need, especially when they haven’t been tanned enough. So, by simply wearing your fuchsia lipstick and a summer mascara you’re ready for your evening out, without having to stress your eyes out.

4. Orange on the lips

Blondes are probably the only women in orange lipstick to match. Although it is a color that blondes do not easily tolerate because they may find it pale if you find the right shade you will have no problem. Especially if you have tanned dare fearlessly. It’s a very summer color so now is the chance to wear it.

5. Purple lip color

For the more adventurous blondes who want to try something different this summer, the suggestion is purple lipstick. Purple is a color that gives light to a pale woman and doesn’t require much tan to succeed. If you have a very light complexion you should be careful not to be too dark to avoid a vampire. It is certain that with the right shade of purple you will stand out.

So even though the blonde is a tough color, your lipstick choices are plenty in the summer. Try out all the other summer days left and you will discover new, impressive, summer makeup looks.

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