The daily habits that make us more beautiful

The daily habits that make us more beautiful. We never forget to take care of ourselves and dedicate time to it. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. So we adopt the best habits that will benefit our skin and our appearance.

So, Lets see what are The daily habits that make us more beautiful.

1. Make up makeup

We never forget to clean our face and of course remove makeup at night before going to bed. Otherwise, the remnants of makeup will block our pores and – at best – we will wake up the next morning with dull and dull skin. At worst, we will welcome a pimple. For make-up removal, we choose a vitamin lotion for face and eyes, without alcohol, which will rejuvenate and reveal the brightness of our skin.

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2. We use the right products

It is not enough to have a complete grooming routine to get great skin. The first step is to identify the needs of your skin and get the right, specialized products. For example, a woman with oily skin needs a moisturizer with a lighter composition, while a woman with dry skin needs a cream with a more oily composition. Of course, our age also plays a role in choosing the right products.

3. We also apply homemade recipes

It is no coincidence that we are often offered DIY recipes for our skincare. The natural ingredients that we can find in our kitchen help our skin without burdening it with the chemical ingredients contained in commercial products.

4. We do not touch our face

By touching our face with dirty hands, we transfer bacteria to our skin, which can irritate, infect, or aggravate the acne problem. We usually do it imperceptibly, but it’s a bad habit to stop.

5. We massage the scalp

Over time, we all notice changes in our hair: they become thinner, easily tangled, and knotted, lose their shine and vitality. What happens; Experts explain that just as facial skin ages, so does the scalp and hair: its structure changes, its metabolism slows down, causing changes in the quality of the hair. So he needs his own care. Massage into the scalp, as it promotes blood circulation and oxygenation of the area so that the substances we provide penetrate deeper into it.

6. Choose a satin pillowcase

Research has shown that when we sleep with our face pressed against our pillow, the so-called “sleep wrinkles” appear. It would be ideal to sleep on our backs, but this is not possible during our sleep, so it is good to focus elsewhere. It would be especially helpful to choose a soft and flexible pillow and replace the cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin one for greater softness.

7. Beware of soap

Classic soap is not the best friend for skincare. Most soaps are alkaline, causing severe dryness on the skin, which favors the formation of wrinkles. We do not need to stop using soap altogether. We can simply choose one that is neutral in pH, without harmful chemicals. Ideal for normal, dry, or sensitive skin are soaps produced from a mixture of oils, which are based on substances such as glycerin, almond oil, olive oil, palm oil, seed oil, and coconut oil.

8. We do not omit hydration

Whether we are going to be dyed or not, applying a moisturizer is essential. We may think that the drier our skin is, the thicker our cream should be, but this is not the case. Heavy compositions can weaken the skin’s barrier and weaken its defenses and self-hydration. Also, many compositions, due to their high water content, act only on the surface, with the result that the skin quickly loses its moisture.

9. We put on sunscreen

Even if it’s cloudy, even if our skin is dark and durable, when we leave the house we must wear sunscreen and sunglasses. So, very soon we will see our face become more radiant, while in the long run, we protect our skin from photoaging (spots, wrinkles, relaxation).

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10. We lay the right foundations

For proper make-up, we apply the make-up on clean and hydrated skin with our fingers. So it will take the body temperature and it will spread better. For a professional result, we make sure to apply highlighter on the cheeks, nose, and bone of the eyebrows.

11. We enlarge the lashes

To make our eyes look bigger, before applying the mascara, we use the special scissors that turn the lashes. Gently open the scissors two or three times, no more. To give extra volume and separate the lashes, apply powder with a clean old mascara brush. If we don’t have one, then we use a toothbrush. Then we pass the mascara. Two coats of mascara are ideal and no more than four. Otherwise, the lashes will harden and blur the eye area. Those are the daily habits that make us more beautiful.

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