The makeup we do when we are tired

The makeup we do when we are tired. Strategic tips that will camouflage imperfections and improve our appearance.

At times all of us, even the most beautiful models, are not at our best and this is reflected in the mirror: The eyes look swollen or have dark circles or both together, the skin looks dull, the pimples are more intense than ever, and the makeup we usually do does not help the situation. Composure. We have gathered from experts some strategic tips that will camouflage and dramatically improve our appearance.

1. We enhance our hydration

When the skin is dehydrated, it looks bigger and duller. That is why we drink plenty of water and apply a rich moisturizing composition that will temporarily rejuvenate our face and smooth fine lines.

2. Avoid applying makeup all over the face.

If we try to cover the signs of fatigue with more makeup, the result will be the opposite of what we expect. So we limit ourselves to a few and good: We put a little concealer under the eyes, a BB cream and a rose creamy blush on the cheeks.

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3. We use eyelash curlers to “open” our look.

We avoid intense shadows and eyeliner because they emphasize dark circles and imperfections and make tired eyes look even more tired. We choose earthy and neutral shades on the mobile eyelid and apply mascara on the tip of the lashes and not a rich amount from the root to the tips.

4. We do not compensate for the paleness with too much color.

A soft, pink blush will warm our face without looking fake. Then put a minimal amount of moisturizer on our palms and dab them over the blush. This movement will give extra natural glow to our face.

5. Choose shiny lip gloss instead of intense lipstick.

The ideal shades should look like the natural color of the lips, in order to brighten them and make them look juicier.

6. We place highlighter on selected, strategic points of the face.

These are the top of the cheekbones, the bone of the nose and the center of the upper lip. This will give our face a youthful glow and our skin will radiate.

Extra tips:
* Wear a scarf around the neck with light or vivid colors.
* We do not forget the sunglasses that will give us extra style points and will protect our eyes.

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