The most beautiful looks from the catwalks in the world

The most beautiful looks from the catwalks in the world. Hair, make-up, fingernails: the big designers are leading the way with their fashion shows and soon you can see the hottest looks everywhere. At important events, in particular, you are not only creative, but you dare to do something – and not just in fashion.

This season, too, it will be expressive and varied again, from flowers in the hair to orange-colored lipstick. The hottest trends and absolute eye-catchers of the season can be found here.

Lips in bright orange

Wherever you looked at the fashion shows, one color was almost everywhere: lipstick in bright orange. Expressive and striking, perfectly made-up lips in orange draw everyone’s attention. The entire range is served: from deep orange to a light orange pastel shimmer to screaming neon orange. The motto is: What is really fun is allowed.

And to create a perfect contrast, this lipstick trend was combined with fingernails in a different, just as bright color as, for example, a sunny yellow or an almost aggressive poison green. Happy, summery and original, this look is guaranteed to put you in a good mood! He also ensures that you stand out and stand out from the crowd. And isn’t that the stated goal when you’re out of business?

Glowing skin and shimmering eye shadow

Anyone who prefers to score with delicate colors or who needs to keep it more professionally decent will love this trend: a healthy, radiant complexion and a romantic, dreamy make-up for the eyes create a soft and extremely feminine look.

Sun-kissed, with golden shimmer on the cheeks and a matching eye shadow, these color combinations give a healthy tan and bring the beach home with the make-up, so to speak. Peach-colored powder also ensures cheeks with great accents and gives an enchanting look.

The eyes are made up of this trend with delicate, shimmering eyeshadows and a brow mascara that is not too hard. To visually enlarge the eye, you can set accents in the inner eye with bright kohl. So it looks to the viewer as if they had spent the whole day on the beach. This is how you make up summer in every season.

Purple brings a good mood!

One of the most striking looks of the catwalks is the color purple, which is used in all variations and shades. The look can also be kept discreetly in lavender and lilac tones to create a natural and romantic outfit. Or you work with mysterious dark lips in violet for a dramatic appearance in the evening. The color purple, in particular, is extremely versatile and is guaranteed to always have a fascinating effect on the changing viewer. Particularly brave women additionally accentuate individual strands of hair in a strong purple to give the unique look the finishing touch. Make-up and hair form a mysterious unit and the eye-catchers are guaranteed.

Strong eyebrows for a dramatic look

This trend has become indispensable, especially in the USA: the so-called “Schoolboy Brows” – schoolboy eyebrows in German. Gone are the days when the eyebrows were plucked hair by hair in order to achieve the thinnest possible curve.

Now the eyebrows are allowed to grow – but of course, the whole thing is organized and not overgrown. Wide eyebrows, which are perfectly defined and trimmed, almost magically intensify the female gaze. This look looks particularly dramatic and absolutely impressive, especially for dark-haired women with bright eyes. And if you do not have a light eye color, you have the option of operating with colored contact lenses.

Of course, with such dominant eyebrows, the make-up of the eyes must also be perfectly matched to the look: a dark Smokey Eye with strongly emphasized eyelashes fits perfectly with this trend!

Pure romance – flowers in your hair

A hair trend from the designer catwalks goes perfectly with the dreamy look with shimmering cheeks in gold. Flowers and small accessories have recently been worn in the hair again. This floral decoration usually goes hand in hand with another trend: women are wearing wild braids again. It is important that the hair is not braided too tightly, but that a strand is allowed to peek out here and there. Small flowers or pearls are now woven into these braids to achieve a postmodern hippie look that looks wonderfully light and summery.

However, if you don’t want to braid your hair, you can also opt for the good old ponytail – but in a modern version. For this, the ponytail is set particularly low, usually even under the neck.

False eyelashes for real accents

The next trend from the metropolitan runways will ensure a sensational appearance at the next party. The false eyelashes are experiencing their resurrection. Women can even really “crack” it – with feather eyelashes in bright neon colors or with simple long black eyelashes, the eyes can be mysteriously accentuated.

The most beautiful looks from the catwalks in the world

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