The nail polish trends in spring 2020

The nail polish trends in spring 2020. While in the fall and winter seasons the muted colors are more in the foreground, this changes suddenly as soon as the first rays of the sun come out again. With spring, the “blooming life” awakens again with nail polishes – but it is currently not only colorful but also played with special effects and textures.

Let’s see the nail polish trends in spring 2020

Golden nails set highlights

At the fashion shows of the big houses in New York or Paris, there was a clear trend in terms of make-up and the matching fingernails: gold! It will be shiny this season. Whether you let your eyes shine with softly shimmering eyeshadows or shape magically accentuated cheeks with golden bronzer, nothing embodies joie de vivre and luxury as much as gold.

Golden fingernails for tanned skin not only look seductive, but they are also guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention with their glossy particles. There is the right version for every occasion. For the really big appearance, it becomes radiant with clearly visible gold particles or “flakes”. For the office outfit, it remains more subtle in a warm, matt tone. But not everything that glitters is gold: bronze and silver are also making a comeback this season – the main thing is that it glitters.

Black and white – an unbeatable combination

Almost inseparable in fashion for a long time, the combination of black and white is now a trend for fingernails in this still very young season. There are almost no limits to your imagination: black nails with white French tips, floral tendrils or a hip checkerboard pattern – whatever the wearer is allowed to do. Of course, it is not easy to get unusual designs on the nails, but there are some useful helpers that make application easier.

Thanks to stencils, floral tendrils or other motifs can be safely attached with just a few brush strokes. Of course, the whole thing requires a little practice and a steady hand. The so-called “nail stamps” also bring life to nail design. Here the desired motif is simply “stamped” carefully on the prepared nail. The only thing to keep in mind is the natural curvature of the fingernail. Therefore, you have to gently roll the stamp from left to right to get a perfect result.

The “Half Moon Manicure” – glamor from times gone by

In the 1930s, the “Half Moon Manicure” was the latest craze among Hollywood’s first great actresses. This type of painting leaves the small crescent at the root of the nail free and the rest is painted in a bright color like signal red. To try this look at home, you only need a small, round sticker. After applying a layer of base coat and letting it dry, stick the sticker so that it completely covers the small crescent moon. You should make sure to press the sticker on all sides properly to avoid streaks when applying.

Now paint in two layers over the nail and carefully remove the sticker. It can happen that the nail polish “bleeds” a little. However, this is not a problem. Just wait a few minutes until the nail polish is a little firmer but not yet completely dry. Then carefully remove the streaks with a Q-Tip or a brush soaked in nail polish remover until the crescent is perfectly shaped again.

Neon is over – long live colorfully

Neon was the new black last year. Wherever you looked – it couldn’t be done without. Fashion jumped on it, the makeup industry too, and numerous limited editions with neon-colored nail polishes came onto the market. This season is still alive this season in a slightly different form. The colors remain bright and bright, but they are no longer considered neon. Instead, nail polishes come in stores in rich red tones, friendly yellow or fruity orange. These are the colors that not only make you want summer but also look particularly “delicious”. A wild mix of different colors is also allowed – sometimes even on a nail.

Do it yourself – or have it done?

You can easily try out many of these trends yourself at home. All you need is a little patience and a willingness to experiment (and nail polish remover if it doesn’t work out). If you still have the help of a friend, the whole thing is twice as much fun – and possibly saves a lot of frustration.

Painting the perfect nail is a bit like riding a bicycle. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. You just have to develop a feeling for the brush.
If you really want to have unusual motifs or designs for your fingernails, you should consider having them made in a professional studio. Here are some true artists at work – and who doesn’t love to sit back and be pampered?

Perfect fingernails are like a blank business card – it is up to you how you design them. Even if you don’t like bright colors, a layer of colorless base coat can leave a neat and lasting impression.

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