The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2021

Spring / Summer 2021 Hair: The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2021. According to the famous hairstylists, the new hair trends for the Spring / Summer 2021 season are dominated by simplicity, but also meticulously sloppy hairstyles, braids, curls, and ponytails having their place of honor.

But in addition to the hairstyle, the top dyes, the top women’s haircuts, as well as the accessories that will decorate the spring and summer, let hairstyles, were also presented.

So if you’re wondering what hair trends are for the new season, get an idea through the list below!

These are proposals that perfectly match the relaxation and carefreeness of the season, without having anything to envy from the most well-groomed and complicated hairstyles of other seasons. These ideas cover all tastes and ages, while surprisingly combining with fashion trends.

Top hair colors for the Spring / Summer 2021 season

A hair renewal often involves a change of color. Usually, in Spring and Summer, the paints are dominated by lighter shades, but this is not absolute.

So let’s take a look at the basic color chart suggested by the experts for the time.

Light blonde platinum hair – Bleach Blonde

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

For those who love blonde, the tone that will dominate this season is the very light platinum that is created with the help of several decoupages. The hair color is almost completely faded and a light blonde dye is applied which is quite close to white.

This color goes well with both long and medium hair, as well as the top buy haircut of the season.

Blonde honey hair color

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

A beautiful choice for spring and summer hair color this year is blonde honey. This is a sweet shade that has its honor in 2021.

The wide variety of tones of honey in the color palette of paints makes it suitable for all of us. Some shades are lighter and others more reddish. But all of them lead to this sweet and warm result that fits perfectly with the weather.

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Red hair

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

In case you are not a fan of blonde and prefer red hair, no problem. And these will be the top trend for the season.

So dare to make a bright ginger color on the occasion of Spring and Summer, thus attracting the eye with the fiery look.

Chestnut brown hair color

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

Cold brown hair color is the perfect choice for those who want to stay brunette.

After all, this particular shade of paint is ideal to emphasize the bright colors that will dominate the fashion in Spring and Summer, as they give them the absolute attention they need.

Almost black hair

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

If you still prefer dark hair colors, experts recommend black. More specifically, they refer to a very dark brunette color that is a few tones lighter than the so-called “raven”.

Hair in neon colors

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

For the most daring and for those who love non-natural hair colors, neon shades will remain in fashion this season as well.

So if you haven’t tried pink, blue, green, etc. hair, you still have one season to do it.

Top haircuts and hairstyles for Spring and Summer 2021

In addition to the dye colors, the famous hair experts presented the hairstyles and women’s haircuts that will make their presence felt during this period.

The following list will give you inspiration and countless ideas for hair styling in Spring and Summer.

Parting in the middle, but also deep on the side

The top haircuts, hairstyles and colors of the season in 2020

Wanting to complete the stylish outfits of the 70s that will dominate fashion in the Spring and Summer of 2021, the experts also highlighted the corresponding hair. These are haircuts and hairstyles with a parting in the middle, which perfectly matches this season.

From there, the presence of the side parting was equally noticeable, with a greater emphasis on the timeless deep lateral partition. This type of hair adds more volume and is a must for 2021.

Same innocence or choppy bangs

A nice way to renew your haircut without completely changing its length or style is innocence. They completely transform the image of the face and it is not a scary radical change.

So if you are looking to make a renewal without much risk for the Spring and Summer of 2021, hair with straight bangs or choppy bangs will be one of the top choices. A test will convince you!

Buy hair – Pixie haircuts

The top women’s haircut that has made a splash lately is the market.

There are many celebrities who dared to make such a short haircut and highlight their beautiful features with this modern and impressive pixie haircut.

So what are you waiting for? If you like big changes, this season is perfect for you.

Short wool frame

If your very short boyish haircut seems like a very bold idea for a hair renewal, you may well choose a short frame. This haircut will also be one of the top trends for the season.

Light wavy or curly hairstyle

The temperatures of the season require light hairstyles that do not take hours to create. That’s why experts have suggested light wavy and curly natural hair as one of the top hair trends for Spring and Summer.

So you don’t have to sit down to dry and style your hair with a hairdryer and other heat tools. You can simply let them dry on their own or with a little help from the hairdryer.

These meticulously sloppy hairstyles are a must for the season.

Impressive large curls

If you still prefer strong curls and especially natural curls, no problem. It’s also a great idea for hair in the spring and summer of 2021.

And you don’t have to do elaborate hairstyles to take off your look. Even with simple hair, you can look dazzling!

Light, but also pulled back wet look hair

The wet look in the hair will again be one of the top hairstyles. Besides, they exude this relaxed and carefree mood of the beach that we are all looking for.

A little foam or gel and a hairstyle of the hair back or side, can complete your spring and especially your summer looks.

Hairstyles with rich volume

Another hair trend that will have its honor this season, completing in the best way our vintage style looks are the retro hairstyles.

Hair with a rich volume on top, adorned with handkerchiefs or bones with pearls and rhinestones, will be an interesting and stylish idea for Spring and Summer 2021.

Braids and pigtails Wednesday Addams

And because braids are one of the most popular and easy hairstyles for any age, they could not be missing from the list of top choices of the new season.

Whether it’s a simple knit on the neck or side pigtails, the result is just as modern and impressive.

Dazzling hairstyles with cornrows

In addition to the classic French and Dutch braids, hair experts recommend tiny and multiple braids at the top of the head. This is a special hairstyle that has its roots in Africa but has now been adopted by people all over the world.

Knitting on these pigtails is very close to the scalp and can be maintained for more than one appearance. Of course, you should know that this particular hairstyling needs special care to be maintained.

Thoroughly sloppy and tight braids

Another special hairstyle that will be trendy for Spring and Summer is the multiple braids mixed carelessly with each other. This is special hairstyling that leads to original knots and updos.

If this is the case with you, you can stay in the classic version of the elegant tight braid that will be just as necessary for the season.

Light updos with all or half of the hair caught and top knots

Caught hair is ideal for Spring and Summer, as it cools us. So grab your hair high again this year by creating light and thoroughly sloppy updos. Alternatively, try hairstyles half up and half down which will also be a top hair trend.

If you still love knots, you are very lucky, because they will have their honor this season as well.

Smooth chin and well-combed knots

There is no season that knots do not have one of the leading positions in the list of top trends. These are timeless and very favorite hairstyles ideal for every hour and moment.

So this year the attention falls on the smooth and well-formed hairstyles at the height of the neck, but also higher. This means that the ballerina knot will probably have the top spot in our choices.

Trendy hair accessories for beautiful spring and summer hairstyles

And now that we have a taste of the colors of the dyes, the women’s haircuts, but also the hairstyles of the season, it’s time to see how we will take off these specific hair looks with the help of accessories.

So what are the hair accessories that will be worn the most in the Spring and Summer of 2021? See the list below and get inspired for your own unique looks this season.

Flowers in the hair

Spring without flowers is not possible! So decorate your hair with beautiful and colorful flowers and create impressively light, but also retro hairstyles that will make you attract attention.

Flowers don’t have to be real, there are countless floral bones that you can invest in this season. If you want of course, you can also prefer the flowers in your garden!

Pearls and rhinestones on bones and hair jewelry

Another stylish, luxurious, and glamorous accessory that will adorn your hair in Spring and Summer 2021 is pearls and rhinestones.

Whether it’s simple diamonds and pearls that stick to the hair or bones decorated with them, the result is just as impressive.

Hair handkerchiefs

The hair scarf was one of the accessories that dominated the runways at that time.

Placed as a ribbon to complete retro hairstyles or braided into braids, the scarf gives the hairstyling of the season color and playful mood.

Bows, ribbons and hair cords

If you are still looking for a simpler and girly hair accessory, ribbons and bows will give you the solution. They add color and beautiful style to ponytails, braids, and various updos in the simplest way.

On the other hand, for more boho style or rock hairstyles, you can try the laces. Wrapping a ponytail with them you can create a dazzling hairstyle for all hours.

Hangouts in all styles and sizes

In recent seasons, hairpins have returned to hair accessories.

For the Spring and Summer of 2021, all kinds of hangouts will have their place of honor, regardless of their size and design. So wear them with your hair down or in combination with a beautiful bun or a plait and win the impressions!

Wings in the hair

One of the most special and extreme for some accessories suggested by hair experts is the wings. Placed on the fringe or undo of the models, the wings added a more distinctive style to their appearance and beautifully completed the fashionable outfits of famous fashion houses.

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