Tips for full eyebrows

Tips for full eyebrows. The Cara Delevingne are the persons who have distinguished in fashion. Two of the reasons are her full eyebrows, which add to her incredible style. See how you can adopt the new trend that the eyebrows want more than ever.

If you are afraid that experimenting with makeup on your eyebrows will make you look a little less angry, here are some tips for making this look better than ever.

1. Shadows and not a pencil

It may seem easy to use or get used to, but in reality, the shades are just as easy to use and most importantly have a more natural effect. You need two shades: a volume lighter than your eyebrows for the morning and a darker tone when you want to emphasize.

2. Smooth movements

The most common mistake is to apply pressure when applying a pencil or a shadow so that the final image looks fake. Gently comb your brow hairs and not the skin, while any makeup product is good to apply with small, gentle and sharp movements.

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3. Little quantity

It is very important not to overdo it but to pay close attention to where you will focus. Do not paint individual spots but even the entire eyebrow to make the result more natural.

4. Mix the colors

Use the darker shade to draw a line in the center of the eyebrow along the edge and then lightly blend the colors from the middle of the eyebrow to the edge. 

Tips for full eyebrows

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