Tips for proper care of Perfect curly hair

Tips for proper care of Perfect curly hair. Naturally, curly hair is very impressive, but there are many women who resort to straightening because they do not know some little secrets for their proper care that will lead to beautiful, elastic, and well-shaped natural curls.

So if you are tired of the constant straightening, you can get a dazzling natural curly hairstyle by simply slightly changing some daily habits in the care of your hair.

By following the tips below you will always be able to have them groomed in their natural form, without frizz! Let’s See Tips for proper care of Perfect curly hair.

An ideal treatment for curly hair in simple steps

In order to maintain a perfect shape in your curls and always have a beautiful hairstyle, you should follow some small but effective care tips for curly hair.

These are simple steps and small details in the way of washing, combing, and hair care, in general, that will make the curls more elastic without the frizz.

Shampooing and curly hair

We have mentioned many times that frequent shampooing is not the solution for constantly beautiful hair. It tends to dehydrate the hair, remove its natural oils, and make it duller and greasy.

This is even more pronounced in curly hair, as due to their shape (ie the curl), natural oils reach the ends with greater difficulty. Thus, there is more intense frizz, less elasticity, but also more dehydration that makes the hair more vulnerable to breakage and shearing.

All of the above will result in the curls losing their shape, so this is an additional reason to avoid daily shampooing.

It is also very important to choose the ideal shampoo for curly hair. What is this? A product with rich moisturizing agents, without parabens, sulfates, or silicone.

But the temperature of the water is equally crucial. Too hot tends to dehydrate the hair and leave its scales open, which leads to intense frizz. So prefer the use of lukewarm water and finish the bath with a cold rinse. This way, the scales of the hair will close and all the moisturizing ingredients will be kept inside.

And of course, you should not neglect the use of conditioner for curly hair in every shampoo, but also the application of a hair mask once a week. They are essential steps for proper care and a beautiful appearance in curly hair.

Extra care with oils for a natural hydration treatment

If you want to make a simple but very moisturizing mask, you can invest in a natural treatment for curly hair based on oils.

One of the most common oils with rich beneficial properties for hair is coconut oil. Alternatively, you can use almond oil or olive oil on your hair to do a natural hydration treatment.

Just choose which of the three you prefer, heat it slightly in the microwave, and apply it to the entire length of your hair for at least 1 hour before shampooing. Just make sure the oil is warm and not hot before applying it.

Tips after the bath to prevent frizzy hair and to avoid breaking the hair

  • Replace the classic towel with a microfiber one or an old cotton T-shirt and wipe your hair. This way you avoid friction and frizz, keeping your curls beautiful, elastic, and shiny.
  • Prefer to untangle your hair when it is slightly fresh and not completely wet, using a comb with sparse teeth instead of the classic brush. For best results, start the hairstyle from the ends and slowly climb to the roots.

Another beauty secret for hair care: For sleep, choose silk or satin pillowcases to reduce the friction of your hair that tends to break the hair. It will help even more to have your hair caught in a high ponytail or braid.

How to achieve perfect styling in curly hair with the right styling products

So after you bathe and treat your hair, it is the turn of the styling, so that the curls look impressive and well-groomed. How do you do that? Simply drying your curly hair in the right way and using the best styling products.

Hydration and heat protection

As mentioned above, curly hair needs non-alcoholic moisturizing care products. This way the curls look more well-shaped, shiny, and do not frizz.

But pay attention to the quantity of the product. It should not be too little to be able to give your curls the desired result, but also not too much so that your hair does not weigh down and your hair loses its beautiful wavy shape.

So leave-in conditioner is an ideal cosmetic for the perfect treatment of curly hair. Offers rich hydration to the hair. Apply it from the middle of your hair to the ends and enjoy the enchanting result.

Alternatively, you can choose a non-alcoholic foam / mousse or a styling cream suitable for curly hair. But the suggestion of dry oil for the ends of the hair is equally good.

It is important to experiment until you find the one that best suits your hair type, but also the right amount of it.

Proper drying of curly hair

The ideal is to avoid any heat tool, even the hairdryer. So let your hair dry naturally after you have first applied a styling product. This way you avoid dehydration and damage caused by heat and the result is impressive.

However, if you are in a hurry or the weather does not allow it, be sure to use the hairdryer with the special bellows. This is a specially designed mouthpiece for curly hair that evenly distributes air and helps curls maintain shape, elasticity, and not frizz. In this case, do not neglect the use of a heat protection product before you start drying.

Also, for best results with the use of the bellows, prefer the cold air and not the strong heat that will dehydrate the hair and make it frizzy. The low temperature may make drying slower, but the result is worth it.

Alternatively, set your hair dryer to medium heat and blow-dry your hair until it is fresh. Then put the cold air and complete their styling. This way, you will save some time without damaging your curly hair.

The movements that you have to follow with the bellows are circular and gentle, starting from the root and ending at the edges.

The ideal haircut and hairstyle for hair with perfect curls

Curly hair is more manageable when cut properly and systematically. So it would be good to make an appointment with your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks in order to keep your haircut in the best possible condition.

What you need to keep in mind is that the haircut with wet hair may not be exactly the length you would expect. So it is better to cut them while they are dry, as the curls retain their shape and you can see the actual length of the final result.

As for the type of haircut that highlights curly hair, in general, it is usually avoided to cut it to a single length. Beyond that, haircuts or flat haircuts give a beautiful, but not excessive volume. At the same time, they give the curls a light movement.

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