Tips for your beauty when traveling

Tips for your beauty when traveling. The vacation time is travel time! Especially for women, packing suitcases can quickly become stressful. Nail polish, facial toner, hairspray, and various creams must be stored leak-proof.

This works best in a high-quality beauty case. Cosmetics are not only safe and leak-proof in this, but also very clearly stored.

Beauty case: you have to pay attention to this when buying!

If you want to buy a beauty case, you will be spoiled for choice, because a variety of very different models are available in stores. The beauty cases made of fabric are offered at very reasonable prices. However, these are not necessarily practical: Should one of your liquids leak out unexpectedly, the fabric will also be damaged. You are absolutely on the safe side if you also put your liquids in a sealable transparent bag.

The advantage of fabric beauty cases is that these models are particularly light. However, beauty cases with hardshell are more popular. Although these are a bit heavier, they are much more robust. Models made of polycarbonate or similar materials also offer the advantage that they offer protection against moisture. The beauty cases are also very easy to care for: if they are lightly soiled, simply wipe them with a damp cloth. Some of these beauty cases are even equipped with a security lock. Thanks to this, the content is protected against unauthorized access and you can also use your beauty case for valuables such as money, papers or jewelry.

In addition to the material, the size of the beauty case also plays a decisive role. Before buying, think about how many utensils you will find in this space. In this context, also pay attention to the interior division. It is beneficial if there are several compartments so that you can store the cosmetics separately. Perhaps you already have a brand that you place particular trust in? Travelite or Samsonite are two manufacturers that you definitely won’t make a mistake with.

Beauty case: Not always useful

Would you like to explore Europe by train or car and rent a holiday home in Ticino? you are certainly well advised with the beauty case. It is so small and compact that there is still space in the trunk. But what about air travel? Before you travel, you should definitely check with the airline to find out what the hand luggage regulations are. As a rule, you are only allowed to take one piece of hand luggage on board per person. If you already have your handbag with you as a woman, an additional beauty case is not allowed or you have to pay a surcharge. Due to the pressure in the aircraft, it has also happened to many passengers that various liquids have leaked. So you see, it is not that easy to transport all kinds of cosmetics safely on planes.

Tips for your beauty when traveling: Conclusion

So that your beauty items are safely stowed away when traveling, you should definitely consider buying a beauty case. At home, too, this can help you to keep your cosmetic items clearly organized. Depending on which model you choose, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

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