Tips to get perfect hair curls

Tips to get perfect hair curls. Healthy, well-groomed curly hair is sexy and perfectly accentuates your charm. If your curls are natural, just make sure they look as good as they look attractive. If your hair is straight or slightly curly again, you can get curls with the right styling products and with the right methods.

We give you the seven Top Tips to get the perfect curls on your own

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1Curly hair tends to get confused.

That’s why she combed the pre-wash, while still dry. Choose the appropriate shampoo and then go full length with conditioner.

2. Before you start drying 

Apply a curl foam all over your hair surface and apply a special composition (preferably gel texture) on the ends to defeat moisture.

3. When using curling iron

make sure that your hair is fresh and dry.

4. In case you want to give more volume and movement to your hairstyle

always use the special braid of the hairdryer, always at low temperature. Stop before your hair is completely dry, to avoid unwanted frizz

5If you use hot rollers

to create curls, wait for them to cool before removing them. This will stabilize your curls while increasing the glow levels

6. Do you want to get sexy ripples?

Try tight braids on wet hair. Leave them for a couple of hours until they dry, loosen them and apply a mold to each batch separately.

7Give your curls a perfect hold

with a special spray that will help them stay elastic without sticking to each other.

Bonus Tip: If you frequently heat your hair with heat don’t forget to take care of it as often as you can with a hair mask. Curly hair needs more moisturizing than straight hair.

Tips to get perfect hair curls

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