Types of eyebrow shapes

Types of eyebrow shapes. Eyebrow shape..this is suitable for a more intense look. In recent years eyebrows have been at the heart of beauty and makeup. They are very important for the complete facial image. even having the right makeup done if your eyebrows don’t have the right shape will always ruin the whole thing.

The shape of the face as well as how weak or rounded are the key points that play decisive for the shape of the eyebrows you should have. Look more shapes You have to choose to give your eyebrows according to the shape of your face so that you show it in the right proportions.

Let’s see Types of eyebrow shapes for different face types

1. Long face

If you have a long face, it is best to avoid sharp corners as they will give more height. Try to give as horizontal shape as possible so that you can draw attention to the center of the face while balancing its width.

2. Square

If your face has sharp corners make sure that your eyebrows are not thinned out as they balance a stronger jaw when they are richer. It is also very flattering to have an upward trend and a sharp angle.

3. Oval face

If your face is oval you are one of the lucky ones as you are free to do whatever you want with their shape, as you are not particularly at risk of loosening its symmetry. Just try not to take them too far and thin them too dangerous.

4. Round shape

If your face is round to lengthen it visually makes a small angle, making the end of the eyebrow shorter, from the corner to the end.

Types of eyebrow shapes
Types of eyebrow shapes

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