Uses of beer for beauty

Uses of beer for beauty. When we hear the word beer, this alcoholic beverage comes with a golden color and whitish foam on top. A drink that is drunk in summer, but not only.

But this refreshing drink is very nutritious both for our body and for our skin or hair. Its natural ingredients like hops and yeast make it ideal for the care of your face, body, and hair.

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But what are the fantastic uses of beer in the beauty that we don’t all know about? And what exactly can they do to our skin and hair?

Uses of beer for beauty

1. Moisturizes the hair and helps it grow faster

Beer is rich in vitamin B and silicon, the key to healthy hair ingredients that trigger hair growth.

Just pour a glass of beer over your hair, massage the scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse with cold water and your hair will shine like never before.

2. Make your skin firm and soft

Beer is made of antioxidants that prevent skin aging. But, strangely, this alcoholic beverage has another amazing advantage. Strengthens your skin’s ability to repair itself, helps tighten and reduce small wrinkles.

Try this face mask. Stir in 1 tablespoon of beer, 1 egg white and 3 drops of almond oil. Apply the mixture on a clean face and leave for 10 minutes.

3. It helps you sleep better

Hop (flower) is one of the essential ingredients of beer and a natural sedative known as an effective herbal remedy for insomnia.

You can try this simple trick. Wash your pillowcases with an equal amount of water and beer. The fabric will absorb the hop aroma and make you sleep faster.

4. Heals your tired feet

Fill a bowl of cold beer and dip your feet in for a few minutes. The refreshing effervescent effect of beer will help your sore feet relax after a long and difficult day.

5. It removes the dead cells of your skin

In addition to stimulating your skin, beer helps to remove dead skin cells. As a result, your skin tone becomes more even and radiant.

Take a handful of strawberries and a few tablespoons of beer and mix the ingredients together until you get a paste. Apply it on your face to remove dead cells and impurities while stimulating cell regeneration.

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