Wake up more beautiful

Wake up more beautiful. We all want our faces to look beautiful in the morning. The bathroom cabinet is full of toiletries and makeup.

The anti-wrinkle serum just released to the primer that ensures durability and the glossy, transparent powder that absorbs the gloss. We do not say this arbitrarily but statistics confirm it. In 2019 the world turnover of toiletries will reach the astronomical sum of $ 130 billion. 

Although we are investing time and money in the cosmetics we use during the day, it is best not to neglect skincare at the most important stage of its renewal: at night. After all, our bodies never stop working – even when we sleep. Especially then.

“Sleep and your luck is working”

During sleep, the most important internal processes for our health and our appearance occur. The body repairs the damage to the skin, brain, muscles, etc. The blood circulates in the skin, collagen is produced, it neutralizes UV radiation attacks, preventing premature aging.
However, adequate sleep does not replace grooming. But not the other way around. Cosmetics alone cannot give us great results if the body is not resting properly.

How sleep affects the skin

According to research from the University of Oxford, a night of bad sleep can be the cause of:

  • the tired look
  • swelling
  • black circles
  • grass view
  • more intense wrinkles and thinner lines

Other research published in the scientific journal The Royal Society has shown that two days of insomnia negatively affect health, mental clarity, and attractiveness.


So let’s see what we can do to accelerate and maximize the benefits of sleep for the benefit of our skin.

1. We sleep well enough

The hours of proper sleep vary from body to body. Another may take six hours, another nine. Not over ten though. It has been shown that fewer and more than normal body hours for each body have equally negative effects:

  • the skin gets older faster
  • it does not recover so quickly from environmental attacks
  • its quality deteriorates

2. We thoroughly cleanse our face before sleeping

We have already said that sleep is the best beauty treatment: the cells oxygenate, the collagen reproduces, the facial muscles relax after a long day. But we should not neglect the cleansing of the skin, as we do with any other facial treatment. Indeed, experts say that evening cleaning is more important than breakfast:

We release pores from makeup and dirt and prevent them from being absorbed and damaging the skin overnight.

Sleeping with a dirty face damages the look of the skin both directly and in the long run.
Here’s what can be caused:

  • expansion of resources
  • dryness
  • redness
  • inflammation
  • acne outbreaks

3. Place a glass of water on the bedside table

No matter what cosmetics we apply, we will not have great results if our body is not well hydrated. In addition, the dry atmosphere in the bedroom (eg due to air conditioning) can even further dehydrate the skin. So it is good to have a glass of water next to us if we are thirsty in the evening.

4. Sleep on your back or choose a special pillowcase

And while wrinkles are created by our expressions, there are those that are mostly due to a bad sleeping posture and are created on the face, neck, and neckline. It often happens that we get up in the morning and find that our sheets have left … imprints on our faces. What we may not know is that the older we get, the longer it takes for them to disappear. One solution – not easy for some – is to fall asleep. Another is to use sheets and pillowcases made of soft fabrics.

5. Lift the head

It has been shown to reduce snoring, gastroesophageal reflux, rhinitis and all issues that adversely affect the quality of sleep, and therefore the skin. In addition, lifting the head helps reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes, as it improves blood circulation. How do we achieve this? Just add a pillow above.

6. Apply appropriate night cosmetics

It is good to enhance the mechanisms of skin renewal. Thus, the elementary treatment consists of a cleanser and a cosmetic night composition. If we want we can follow the multiple steps of Korean care.
Tip: If your skin shows signs of dehydration, instead of moisturizing, apply a rich, non-rinsing night mask. In the morning its appearance and texture will be significantly improved.

Targeted action

After the night cleanse, there is a series of treatments that vary according to the needs of each skin. Depending on the main ingredients in each composition we choose, night cream can help reduce the spots, wrinkles and fine lines. To make the skin more elastic and firm. To give shine and even tone but also to help regulate oiliness and acne.

So for…

* It’s greasy and imperfections, such as pimples and black spots
We use Antioxidants that control the production of oil.
* Thin lines and wrinkles
We use Anti-aging compositions with retinol and amino peptides that enhance the skin.
* Rich hydration
We use Lipid cosmetics and moisturizing agents, such as hyaluronic acid, that lock in moisture while stimulating collagen production.
* Reduce discoloration
We use Compositions with retinol and fruit acids (AHA) that mildly exfoliate and promote the growth of new cells.
* The dull, tired, selfless look
We use Cosmetics with glycolic acid or fruit acids that enhance the exfoliation and oxygenation of cells.

* The symptoms of menopause

We use Specialized compositions with complexes that relieve the symptoms of menopause e.g. sweating and at the same time give firmness and firmness.

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Wake up more beautiful

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