Want to get up and down at the moment

Want to get up and down at the moment. Discover 10 simple and easy secrets to looking weaker and taller.

The following list contains tips whose main purpose is to make your feet look longer, thus creating the feeling that they are thinner and taller.

Want to get up and down at the moment?

These are simple secrets that can hide some extra pounds and add points to your height without having to diet. They are ideal for women with tiny silhouettes. But not only! They are aimed at others who want to look even taller and with endless legs. Want to get up and down at the moment? let’s see…

Black a little more

Want to get up and down at the moment

Getting a wonderful chocolate tan will make your legs look slimmer and taller. However, you do not have to sit for hours under the harmful rays of the sun or in the solarium to get the perfect tan. You can simply try a simple self-tan that will give your feet a wonderful tan but also a glamorous glow.

Avoid wearing colorful patterns

Want to get up and down at the moment

The choice of monochrome clothes can give your body another look, farther and thinner. In contrast, colorful patterns, as stated by actress Annie Jo, do not flatter women with curves or imperfections in general. For this reason, limit yourself to skirts with one or two (at most) colors, t-shirts, suits, and trousers. And even better, choose dark shades.

However, if you like colorful patterns and definitely want to wear them, choose to wear them in the upper half of your body and not the bottom.

Tights in dark shades

Want to get up and down at the moment

Dark tights, matte and opaque, that is, those that are not transparent can be another ally of every woman in “slimming”. In particular, wearing tights can hide imperfections and make your legs appear smoother and slimmer. But be careful in choosing the right size. Choose someone who does not narrow you down or fat you more than you actually are. Lastly, avoid wearing one that has a shiny texture or a very intense shade.


Want to get up and down at the moment

The ideal pants to make your body look longer and slimmer are high heels – high heels. This is because their long length that reaches the middle creates a greater distance from your feet to the floor. This balances your body, making it appear longer and weaker. But beyond high-heeled pants, bells are also ideal.

Create the feeling that you have longer legs

Want to get up and down at the moment

By wearing high heels you can increase your height not only seemingly but also really. But in addition to making you look taller, they make the calves look taller. So choose to wear high-heeled pants and heighten your legs. No one will know their exact length, as the heels will be hidden under the pants.

Shoes with a strap on the ankle

Want to get up and down at the moment

The ankle strap shoes, the so-called T-straps, are one of the best friends of a woman who wants to get longer and thinner legs. Specifically, this vertical line they create creates the illusion that your foot is thinner. However, it is a type of shoe that does not fit everything.

Wear toggles

Want to get up and down at the moment

The toilets have the ability to make your feet look great. You just have to wear them the right way. In particular, the design of the shoe you choose should have a proper proportion to your feet. If for example you have very thin ankles and choose a shoe with a wide strap. Then the result will be that your feet look much more than normal. Conversely, if you take a shoe with a thin strap and have wide ankles, your legs will look thicker. So if you have thin ankles, choose a thin strap and if you have a wide one, wear a thick strap.

Camouflage imperfections

Want to get up and down at the moment

Every woman has her strengths and weaknesses. But to always look great, taller and weaker you need to camouflage some imperfections and emphasize your strengths. This is exactly what stylist Rebeca Tiago tells us, stating that choosing a skirt or a dress should be based on these two rules. To find the right outfit that will hide your imperfections and highlight the thinnest part of your feet and impress the crowds.

Don’t forget the exercise

Want to get up and down at the moment
5 Effective Firming Exercises for the Whole Body

Exercise is a way to maintain your health, wellness, and fitness. However, it can also improve some of the problematic areas of your body, making your muscles stronger and lined up. So choose some of the countless leg exercises available and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Want to get up and down at the moment

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