Wedding trends in 2021

Wedding trends in 2021. For most people, it is a really big day: the wedding day. On this day, two lovers promise lifelong loyalty and love and join together in marriage. Reason enough to make the most of this unique and emotional event with a celebration. As every year, there are certain trends in 2021 that are particularly popular with couples and guests.

The wedding trends in 2021 are based on the previous years and mix different trends with each other, which have been established in recent years, into new trends. There are also unprecedented innovations that bring a new impetus to the day of love and make it an unforgettable event.

Wedding trends in 2021

A nice and unique atmosphere

The type of atmosphere is largely decisive for the mood at the wedding. The lighting can be used creatively, there are no limits to the imagination. Sparkling lights, fairy lights, and light bulbs, for example, not only bring light into the celebration but also create a unique atmosphere. In addition to the light source, the light color is also of particular importance: warm colors, as can usually be found in conventional candles, create a cozy and extremely romantic atmosphere. Rather bluish lights appear very cool, but depending on the overall design, they can also contribute to a modern and lively atmosphere.

As far as cool colors are concerned, blue is even touted as a new trend color for 2021. Blue tones in particular, which are associated with the sea, are very popular. The blue can be used in decoration, in bridesmaid dresses or in the wedding cake. For couples who are rather averse to a cool, blue color scheme, they can also opt for a different color trend: in 2021, muted and earthy colors such as nude and beige, and of course white, are also the trendy wedding colors. Decoration and jewelry can also be kept in delicate rose gold.

Flowers as a sign of love

The use of flowers at weddings is minimalistic for 2021. Although fewer, natural flowers are used. So it may well happen that you come across freshly picked wildflowers in the bridal bouquet. In addition, there will be more green in the bridal bouquets, which will be loosened up by a few large flowers in beautiful colors. Floral elements and delicate colors are also increasingly to be found in bridal jewelry. In addition, elaborately decorated flower swings can be discovered at some celebrations! Weddings in 2021 generally represent the connection to nature with flowers and thus emphasize the beauty of nature.

Sustainability as a trendy wedding motto

More and more people are focusing on sustainability in private life. Therefore, an ecological rethinking with plastic-free and environmentally friendly handling at many weddings is increasingly a must. As much as possible is avoided and resources of unnatural origin saved. For example, plastic strings on balloons and disposable cameras are dispensed with and invitations made from recycled paper or various natural materials are used instead. For this, there is a great opportunity to create and print paper yourself. In addition, care is taken to produce less waste and use organic products from the region for catering.

Wedding dresses for every taste

In addition to a timeless neckline, classic and figure-hugging wedding dresses are the trend for 2021. Clothes that have a simple cut and cover the body with a soft fabric are particularly popular. A good example of this is the wedding dress that Duchess Meghan wore when she married Prince William. Wedding dresses in 2021 either consist of lace, are beaded or stand out due to their simplicity, depending on the style you want. Veils can also be worn in a soft rosé instead of an ordinary white.

A completely new trend is the modern two-piece suit with flowing fabrics, which can also simply turn out. In order to attract a little more attention and create more pep in the overall picture, a delicate and colorful tulle skirt can be combined with a simple top. Both the top and the skirt can be worn completely in lace, which blurs the transitions and gives the impression that it is a complete dress. Two-piece sets also have the advantage that they can also be used for other occasions and thus do not dust in the last corner of the wardrobe after the ceremony.

The wedding as an individual adventure

The free wedding ceremony is gaining popularity in 2021. However, this term is not to be understood as an outdoor wedding, on the field or on the beach: a free wedding ceremony is a wedding ceremony that is free of any requirements that are usually imposed by society. The bride and groom are completely free to choose how they want to celebrate their love day. In this way, it can incorporate influences from the faith or culture into the design of the wedding rooms and the ceremony. Hobbies or special passions can also be included in the action.

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