what color suits your skin tone

what color suits your skin tone. Some of the common questions women have about what make-up suits them perfectly, what colors to choose in their makeup, what shades of shades will highlight their eyes, and what lipstick color they prefer.

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The answer to all these questions comes after asking the expert about what your skin tone is. So after discovering your skin tone, you can simply find out which colors suit you the most.

To find the tone of your skin, according to Maybelline New York official make up artist Gregory Pyrpylis, you need to stand wearing a bathrobe in front of a mirror that falls on sunlight.

Following the expert’s advice, find out your tone and find out which colors suit you.

Find the make-up that fits perfectly into your skin tone

Although there is a belief that in order to choose the right shade make up you have to try it on the chin or the back of your hand, the perfect shade is the one on your jaw. That is where the neck is joined to your head. After all, what you want is no separation line and your skin becomes one without altering your natural color tone.

It is worth noting that in cosmetics stores you will find makeup based on yellow, pink or green. In order to choose the one that is best for you, you need to see the following tips.

How to find the tone of your skin? Test with the bathrobe

So after getting out of the shower and taking care to wash your face thoroughly, wear a white towel or bathrobe and a white towel to your hair. Then look at your face in the mirror, which has beautiful and strong light. By carefully observing your skin you will see what its base color is. If for example, your skin is blue/purple then it is cold, if yellow it is warm and if it is green then you have neutral skin.

– If your skin is cold-based then the best shades that will lift your makeup are the cold ones and not the warm ones you might think. Cold shades are pink, blue, green, silver, as well as all gem colors.

– If you still have a warm skin base, you should prefer the shades of yellow, orange, coral, gold, brown and bronze. You can also try other warm colors.

– Finally, if your skin is neutral then you are very lucky because you can wear all the colors without fear.

What is the perfect red lipstick for every woman?

Any woman can wear red lipstick as long as she finds the right shade for her skin type. If you have cold skin, for example, you should choose a red based on blue. Whereas if you get warm, it should be orange based.

what color suits your skin tone

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